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So the i5/OS upgrade didn’t quite go 100%.  The only problem after the upgrade is that backups are kinda messed up.  Well, by kinda I mean they aren’t working much whatsoever.  Once I figure it out, I’ll post the solution.  In the meantime, here is a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head:

Pancake Bunny

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From the “Things I never thought I’d be doing” category, I spent the weekend upgrading main iSeries (System I, AS/400, Whatever IBM is calling it this year) system at Palliser to a new operating system release – V5R4. This is necessary not only to stay current but also we will be upgrading the hardware to a new system before the end of the year.

On the bright side, everything went fantastic! I made it through today without a single problem, question or complaint about the new operating system. Sometimes it’s nice when people notice your work, other times it’s pretty bad when too many people notice your work because something isn’t working!

Proper planning was really the key to this upgrade. It still was quite complicated but reading through the installation guide (248 pages!!) and preparing the system ahead of time made for a smooth install. In fact, the install was prepared for well enough that I was able to do everything from home. Given the choice of doing the upgrade from home in a comfortable environment or doing the upgrade at work, in the very cold server room, swapping almost 30 cd’s in and out of the system, being tired and bored…I’ll take the home option any time.

The only problem related to the upgrade right now seems to be my lack of sleep. I’ll catch up on sleep soon enough. Hopefully when the whole system upgrade is complete, I’ll treat myself to a little well-deserved time off.

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I put up a new video from Entourage.  Pretty funny clip of Seth Green, E and Drama getting in to a fight in Las Vegas.  Gotta love Entourage, just never know what to expect next.

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All this talk about tv shows, video games and technology doesn’t do it the right justice without a slightly richer web browsing experience.

So check it out right over there ——————————————>ish

I’ll post some videos here and there that are relevant to the blog posts.  For starters, you can watch the opening credits for Entourage and the trailer for Super Mario Galaxy.

Hopefully this will make a more enjoyable browse.

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I picked up Super Mario Galaxy on the way home from work.  I’ll be back in a few days…

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First off in regards to my last post…There is no such thing as too much Mario. If that were true, it wouldn’t be the largest video game franchise on the planet for the past 25+ years since Donkey Kong came out in 1981. Case closed.

Now let’s talk Entourage. To sum it up in five simple words: This show has it all.

What’s it about? It’s about the top movie star in Hollywood, his brother and his two best friends. The four of them do everything together. With their fame and fortune, the world is theirs. This show has the stars, the attitudes, the music and the babes…lots of them. With Vinny Chase and his entourage, the characters are strong and realistic. I even had to check Wikipedia if Johnny Chase was a real actor or not. Take the four of them and through their agent Ari Gold in to the mix – Now you have some real crazy situations!

After watching this show (all four seasons), I’m undecided if Hollywood is the place to be or not. I thought online poker was full of ups and downs. The characters of Entourage really go for some wild rides and I don’t think they’d have it any other way.

Please look for the DVD sets in stores or online.

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This is a pretty nice theme but am I going overboard with the Mario?  Don’t want people to think I’m obsessive compulsive or some odd disorder…

(4 days ’till Mario Galaxy)

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Only a few more days until Super Mario Galaxy for Wii is out.  After skimming through this review, all I can say is…. I NEED IT!  Yes, it is not a matter of wanting Super Mario Galaxy, I NEED IT!

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