I wish I could say holidays were more exciting but they are actually quite nice and relaxing.  No work to worry about, just time to relax.  It’s actually a little hard to believe that tomorrow is already Friday and then I still have another week off!

So let’s see here…  Been doing a lot of shopping with Eva.  Costco now has summer stuff in stock (wierd, eh?) and Eva finally got herself a pair of zippy pants for camping.  If you don’t know what zippy pants are then you don’t have any friends that go camping and shop at Costco.  Zippy pants rule!

We went to Mongo’s for dinner a couple nights ago with my dad and Carol.  That was nice and filling and they are still very happy after the Paris trip.

Eva and I went for a Dim Sum lunch at Kum Koon Garden this afternoon.  It was our first time going for Dim Sum and aside from this being our first time, it was pretty good.  Fortunately Eva stopped me before I got an order of chicken feet thinking it was something else.

Guitar Hero 3 on medium is still quite the challenge.  I’m getting better but the guitar battle against Satan is really kicking my butt.  On the bright side, my hammer-on and pull-off techniques are improving.  Very fun game, I can see why it is such a huge hit.

If things go as planned, Eva should get her new Mac tomorrow.  Never did I think the day would come when a Mac would be part of the household.  It has brought back some fond memories of my first Apple computer though.  A very classic Apple ][e.  Now that was a real computer back in the day.  Completely obsolete by today’s standards but still the first computer I had to program on, word process and play games.  Ahh the games were so…well…bad but still for the time and my age, they were fantastic.

Almost the weekend and with this weekend, another week off – yay!

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