Today is my last day off before returning to the grind of a working man’s life. Despite not doing anything major, the last two weeks has been a nice break to relax and enjoy my own time for a change. So let’s see…some of the things I did over holidays – in no particular order:

  • Bought an iMac. Unfortunately it’s for Eva but I can still be jealous.
  • Installed a new kitchen light. Sure it took me 8 months to finally do but it is done.
  • Had Dim Sum for the first time. Hey that looks good, what is it? Chicken feet? I’ll pass! Good stuff otherwise.
  • Played with Ubuntu a little. Pretty cool & more eye candy than Windows Vista. Still would rather have an iMac.
  • Cooked quite a bit. Pretty nice to take my time in the kitchen, buy some fresh stuff and actually have dinner ready for 5:30 instead of starting it at 5:30.
  • Started building a networked media center from Eva’s old PC. Just need some cables and an IR receiver now.
  • Spent time with Eva, my dad and Carol and Roman too.
  • Bought tons of crap at Costco.  Can’t wait to take my new flashlights camping.
  • Played lots of Guitar Hero III.
  • Played live poker a couple times and even turned a profit!
  • Ummm other stuff I can’t think of.

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One Response to “Back to the norm…”
  1. jASHIK says:

    dood.. it took u til 2008 to eat dimsum?

    OMFG DOOD >_<