The Widcomm drivers that come with the MSI Star Key work fine but it seems the drivers available from BlueSoleil work even better, especially with GlovePIE. The unfortunate part is that BlueSoleil 5.0.5 doesn’t work with the MSI Star Key…at least not without a little fiddling. This is a summary of information originally from this forum thread.

First, install BlueSoleil 5.05.

Next, plug-in the Star Key. You will need to get the USB Device ID from Windows Device Manager -> Bluetooth -> Devicename > Properties -> Details Tab -> Hardware IDs Dropdown.

For the MSI Star Key 2.0 version 222-BW, the device ID is: USBVID_0A5C&PID_2101

Now edit the following file:
C:Program FilesIVT CorporationBlueSoleildriverusbbtcusb.inf

At the bottom of the [ControlFlags] section, add the following line:
ExcludeFromSelect = USBVID_0A5C&PID_2101

At the bottom of the [Manufacturer] section, add the following line:
%MSI.DeviceDesc%=BTusb_DDI, USBVID_0A5C&PID_2101

Save this file and now edit:
C:Program FilesIVT CorporationBlueSoleilbttl.ini

Right near the top of the file, change NUM=111 to:

Near the bottom of the file, after ther [HW111] block, add the following:
Type=Bluetooth USB Dongle

Now when Windows prompts you for the device driver location for the MSI Star Key, select the C:Program FilesIVT CorporationBlueSoleildriverusbbtcusb.inf file and Windows will happily install the Bluesoleil driver.

Once the driver is installed, please reboot the computer before attempting to connect your bluetooth device.

As a side-note, I have had problems first installing BlueSoleil, uninstalling BlueSoleil, installing the Widcomm drivers, uninstalling Widcomm, re-installing BlueSoleil. Now I can’t seem to get my test system to recognize the MSI Star Key without having the Widcomm drivers installed. In practice though, changing drivers like this isn’t usually a good idea. Windows is pretty finicky that way. In general for this type of setup, I would recommend avoiding the Widcomm drivers all together and staying solely with BlueSoleil.

Update: I managed to get BlueSoleil working again on my test system.  After re-installing Widcomm and having the MSI Star Key working, I re-installed BlueSoleil and re-did the above steps.  Then in Device Manager, I manually changed the Star Key driver from the Widcomm to the BlueSoleil one and BlueSoleil was happy again.  I was then able to un-install Widcomm and BlueSoleil continues to work.

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