Step 1: Creating a bootable memory stick
Step 2: Creating a service tool battery
Step 3: Flashing the firmware

Now that we are ready to go, the first step is creating a bootable memory stick – also referred to as magic memory stick.  Much like how computers boot-up (and can take quite some time to do so), the PSP needs to load its operating system software after it is powered on.  When the PSP boots up, it loads the operating system from the embedded firmware.  Since the goal is to alter the embedded firmware, we must boot from a secondary device that will allow the PSP to load some service utilities which will modify the embedded firmware.  As you may have already assumed, we will be using a memory stick as a secondary boot device.

Just about compatible Memory Stick PRO Duo should be fine to use.  I would recommend either a Sony or Sandisk brand that is at least 512 megabytes in size.  I was having a hard time finding any memory sticks that were less than a gig in size and the 1gig sticks cost about $30.  I ended up buying a SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick Pro DUO at Costco for $38 on sale.

Creating the magic memory stick is a non-destructive process and the magic memory stick will continue to work as normal memory stick after the custom firmware has been installed.  If you are paranoid, you should get a dedicated memory stick for this sole purpose.  Otherwise if you intend to use your general purpose memory stick (Like I did), make sure to backup your memory stick contents…just in case…

Step 1: Download the official Sony 3.90 firmware from the official Sony PSP firmware archive.  Since Sony distributes the PSP firmware on its own website freely to the public, I have no issues with providing a third-party download link.  The custom firmware consists of extensions on top of the official Sony firmware and thus the official Sony firmware is required for the installation.  Extract the EBOOT.PBP file from the PSP-Firmware-390.RAR archive and put it somewhere that will be quick to access.

Step 2: Download and install PSP Grader v005 from  PSP Grader is an application that easily creates the bootable memory stick.  I used PSP Grader v004 to create my bootable memory stick but it is no longer available for download.  PSP Grader v005 is the current version as of this writing.  After installing PSP Grader, launch it.  If you are using Windows Vista, you will need to run this program with administrator privileges.
Update: PSP Grader v005 no longer seems to be available from  You can use the newer v006 which is not specifically covered in these instructions or if you still wish to use v005, you can download it from rapidshare:

Step 3: You will see a screen like this:

PSP Grader v005

Now connect your PSP to your computer via USB connection.  Make sure that either your battery is fully charged and/or use the AC adapter.  PSP Grader should detect your PSP’s drive letter.

Step 3A: Click “Open” and select the EBOOT.PBP file you extracted from the official Sony 3.90 firmware archive.  PSP Grader will copy the EBOOT.PBP to its own resource directory so don’t worry if the path and filename change.  We’ll leave the “Select IPL” option as TimeMachine IPL – there should not be a need to change this.

Step 3B: Verify the drive letter of your PSP.  Make absolutely sure that this is correct.  If you are using a general purpose memory stick, make sure that “Format Memorystick” remains unchecked.  If you have a dedicated memory stick that will be used solely as a magic memory stick or are having booting issues, check this option.

Step 3C: Click “Create Pandora Stick”.  A window will come showing the progress and then a complete message will appear.

The magic/bootable memory stick has now been created.  You may wish to browse your PSP memory card to make sure any previous save games or files still remain on the memory card…just to be sure.

The memory stick now contains boot code that will allow the PSP to start-up and load service utilities from the memory stick itself instead of the PSP embedded firmware.  The memory stick also contains an image of the Sony 3.90 firmware customized with the M33-3 extensions.  The goal will be to read this customized firmware image from the memory card and write it to the embedded firmware on the PSP.  However, we are not able to boot from this memory stick quite yet.

Remove the memory card from the PSP and set it off to the side for now.  The next step will be a tutorial on making the PSP enter service mode so the secondary boot device can be used.

Update: I bought a Sandisk 8GB memory stick pro duo on sale at Future Shop for $56.  This worked perfectly fine with PSP Grader!

On to Step 2…

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124 Responses to “Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 1”
  1. fortify says:

    thanks for explaining in plain english. look forward to part 2 and 3

  2. me says:

    it’s so hard to find a complete tutorial for new PSPs. I bought one today and am anxious to see the rest of your guide :)


  3. deep singh says:

    hi this is probably the best guide i have ever read
    i have a question
    how do i know if my memory stick was fully created i dont want to brick my psp or anything i did everything the guide told i just dont want to screw up

  4. Len says:

    Hi Deep,
    You have a very good point and unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to make sure if the magic memory stick was created correctly without having a proper service battery available. Since the PSP will only boot from the memory card when the service battery is inserted, it is impossible to correctly diagnose a bad memory stick on its own. This is why I would recommend using either a genuine Sony or Sandisk brand Memory Stick PRO Duo between 512MB and 4GB in size. Apparently memory sticks larger then 4GB may not boot correctly.

    The good news is that you really can not break your PSP if the memory stick does not boot correctly. If you do use a service battery in the PSP when a non-bootable or with no memory stick inserted, the PSP will just stay on a black screen. The easy fix is to simply remove the service battery and use your AC wall adapter to power the PSP. Using the wall power, the PSP will boot in “normal” mode and you will be able to use the PSP USB connection to re-create the memory stick through PSP Grader.

  5. Bob says:

    Hey Len,

    Great guide. 1 question. What should i do if i have the Daxter pack PSP, with 4.01 firmware? will it work or do i need to do something else? i have the baterrry that came with the pack, and intend on using it as a general use baterry. the memeory card is 1gb (the one that came in the pack).


  6. Len says:

    Hi Bob,
    As long as it is a PSP Slim, it should work. It seems more people have success using a Sandisk brand memory card but I do not have a Sony card to test with.
    Good luck if you try it and please post your experience if you do.

  7. Bob says:

    OK thanks. Too bad it voids my Warranty. :’(

  8. JJ says:

    I tried downloading the 3.90 firmware, but I need a password to extract it. Do you know the password, or can I use a newer version?

  9. Len says:

    Hi JJ,
    No password is needed to extract the 3.90 firmware linked to in Step 1. You need to use a recent version of WinRAR to extract the file. WinRAR can be downloaded from:

  10. Seven says:

    hey guys, anyone not having anything pop up after greenlight when inserting battery, its because there is a problem with your pandora memory stick. in fact the best and surest way to install custom firmware is using this guide’s section on making a pandora battery but to make a solid pandora memory stick use:

    this guide on youtube. worked amazing after my memory stick wouldnt work using this procedure.

    the guide helped me install CFW 3.71mm3 and then using the network update feature i upgraded my firmware to the latest custom firmware :D
    :D peace guys

  11. yayomob says:

    every thing worked except when i try to load eboot wher is it

  12. Len says:

    Hi yayomob,
    The eboot file is contained in the official Sony firmware archive. Please see step 1 on this page for more details.

  13. Mick says:

    Hi Len, I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to do this stuff since im a beginner. I see also see that your tutorial is very clear unlike all the other ones, but i have a little problem. Whenever I download the 3.90 archive thingy it never appears for me to extract. But when i do a different version the eboot thing appears then, for me to extract. Can you please help me.

  14. turin says:

    I had the same problem that some of you have. But I solved it. Just change from TimeMachine IPL to BoostersMulti IPL at the Select IPL options.
    I had a ofw 4.05 PSP slim kratos edition, and now I have a cfw 3.90 M33 – 3.
    Thanks to Len.
    I’m so happy right now :)

  15. Arnaud says:

    I tried out ur tutorial on making the mms. idk if it’s becuz i’m using vista but when i press “create pandora stick”, an error pops up and says : access to the path ‘cprogram filespsp graderinjectipl.cmd’ is denied.

    btw, i saw many tutorials and this one is by far the most clear.

    Never mind, i just read that i needed to run it as administrator. which means that i’m a jerk and that ur tutorial is perfect ;) good job man and thanks a lot

    angelo Reply:

    hi. i got the same error as well,” access to the path ‘cprogram filespsp graderinjectipl.cmd’ is denied. ” .. iam using y own laptop. i thought by default iam the administrator already but seems like not.. how did you resolve the error?
    I appreciate your advice

    Len Reply:

    Hi angelo,
    You need to right-click PSP Grader and select “Run as Administrator”.

  16. Mick says:

    Yo YO YO i have a frustrating problem. whenever i click create pandora stick and everything is all done, I check my version and it says versio 3.93 instead of 3.90 m33-3. can someone pleasse help out?

  17. Anonymous says:

    my name is Tyrone great guide by the way but can u use a 32 mb sony pro duo for a mms?

  18. Anonymous says:

    hi Tyrone hear again im like a real psp fan and i have a silver slim and i waz just sayin a 512 mb is like realy the least

  19. PicklesKillz says:

    Awesome site but i have a question
    Its easier for me to stick my memory stick straight into the compuer is that possible to do when making a magic memory stick or does it have to be in the psp

  20. Len says:

    Hi PicklesKillz, If you have a memory stick to USB adapter, you can use that. If you use a USB adapter or the PSP, the end-result will still be the same.

  21. Norman Child Jr. says:

    you have no idea how much you rock.its been a month ive been working on downgrading my psp slim and i was saddened after i heard from everyone it was impossible.what arelieftofind you.thank you so much

  22. Z! says:

    Hi, i have Sony’s Firmware 4.05, will this tutorial work with that version?? Thx in advance

  23. Erick says:

    hi len i just got my psp slim version psp-2001 it came with the original 3.90 firmware i would like to play any game i want to download onto my psp slim ,question: i just have 2 follow this steps ? or have to do something else

  24. DeRok says:

    I followed the instructions to the letter and everything worked out great! I only have one problem: I’m trying to play FFVII through my PSP and all I can do is load the main menu, the game won’t start! I’m running the newest M33.3 firmware (4.01, I believe). My PSP is a slim God of War edition.
    Can anyone help? This game is the ENTIRE reason I wanted to mod my firmware.

  25. Michael says:

    I just want to get something clear here. I can leave all of my previous files on the memory stick and still create the MMS and there won’t be any problems? I know the Themes will be corrupted but everything else will be fine as far as running the files when in service mode, correct?

  26. AnIlong says:

    Hi Len,

    I’m new having PSP and someone who think he is intelligent enough told me that my psp would be great if I will upgrade it to 4.05 and me not knowing the consequences believed him and now I got headaches bringing my psp back from where it used to be. I cannot play cso/iso games now.

    If doing this magic stick and pandora battery would it not affect the configuration of the UMD and as well the intellisense switch?

    I’ve read you’re tutorial and it brought me hope of bringing back my psp status the way it used to be.

    Thank you.

  27. iyeru says:

    Will sony pro duo work with this method too?

  28. U ROCK HOMIE!! says:

    MAN!!…i can’t thank u enough!!….i’ve been wanting to get Custom Firmware onto my PSP for a really long time but on the net u really don’t get a proper step by step instruction on How to do so….until i stumbled over this site….i can’t thank you enough….XD….but i just have one question….which is the best developer of custom firmware…as in is the CFW team or the M33 team…??….CONVEY all my and my PSP’s respect to u!!..

    roCk ON!!!

  29. Len says:

    Hi Erick, if you follow the tutorial, it should work just fine for you.

    Hi Derok, I had no issues playing Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core from the UMD on firmware 3.90 M33-3 without any problems. I never tried playing it directly from memory stick though. If you are using a compressed .cso format, try uncompressing back to a normal .iso format. I’ve found that uncompressed .iso’s make some games a bit happier.

    Hi Michael, yes, you can create the MMS without formatting the memory stick. Always keep a backup though, just in case If it doesn’t work, formatting might help.

    Hi AnIlong, I’m not sure what the intelliswitch is. You can use this tutorial to change your firmware to a custom M33 version or even flash it back to the original Sony firmware. I hope that helps.

    Hi U ROCK, Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. The M33 team seems to be the most active and knowledgeable when it comes to the inner workings of the PSP. I’ll stick with the M33 firmware for now.

  30. Edwin says:

    Hi Len,ol the way to KENYA we give you one helluva THANK YOU,ur tutorial is simply the best.Worked like magic,i did some improvice though,i downloaded grader v006&Used ofw 4.1,n instaled cfw 4.01m-33 2.
    1question please…can i use time machine on this fw,n how do i instal custom xmb?thank you,w8n 4 ur reply….

  31. jzeus007 says:

    I am using the darth vader psp slim i am using version 4.05 and i followed the steps the battery turns green and stays black like its suposed to but it doesnt do anything when i follow the last step it just stays in step 2 what do you recomend

  32. Mihail says:

    Hi, i have a question: can i use this tutorial to hack my psp 2004??? I saw that you mean exactly psp 2000 & 2001 but anyway is it possible? Or to contineu my research how to hack my psp 2004?

  33. amir says:

    wii cfw work on a psp slim model 2003?

  34. DECCTION says:

    HI LEN i have a problem whenever i make the magic memory stick everythings ok untill i go to the psp game screen nothing shows up btw im using the psp slim and i have the 4.05 firmware

  35. horea says:

    Hi Len,

    Your tutorial is amazing i have been looking around for a good one like this for a while. But i have a little problem i have a blue slim psp (madden 09 version) 3.95 original firmware, and i was wondering if : 1. the blue psp can be hacked and 2. if the 3.95 has to do anything with the fact that you used 3.90

    Thank you very much.


  36. DoneY says:

    Great tutorial, gonna try this tonight. I was getting afraid that I coludn’t do it without a second PSP running CFW (I read this in a couple of tutorials). But I bought a Tool-battery (pandora) so it would be no problem to do it.

  37. somebody says:

    hi Len,
    thanks for a great guide , but 1 question when i enter the site i cant see PSP grader v005 i only see v006 and when i download it i dont see anything like you showed in the picture above, (i have vista) pls help

    Chris Reply:

    thats cuz the v5 waz taken off, u cant download it, he took it off for some reason, the v6 install 4.01M33, not 3.90M33

    Chris Reply:

    oh yea, also, u said u have vista, for all vista users, after u install the PSP GRADER make sure wen u run it, u right click and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

  38. toni says:

    hi there im having trouble to hack my psp slim 2001 the daxter one do i need a pandora battery to work it and add the 4.05 custom frimware im new at this so i need help how to do this hope to hear from u soon good day.. toni ..

  39. Chris says:

    yo, cmon i want 3.90M33 not 4.01, can u put the old grader up for download again plz

    Len Reply:

    Hi Chris,
    i found a download for PSP Grader v005 at:

  40. danny says:

    hi len….
    …THANK U

  41. avi says:

    will this all work when i have official firmware 4.05
    how do i bring it to 3.90

  42. avi says:

    i have PSP 2001

  43. Nookie says:

    Ey every boddy ..
    I have a big problem…

    Can i hack a PSP-2004 Slim_light With a 5.00 Firmware from Sony..

    So i can use the Emulators again.

    And if so what shall i use…

    What i cant do … I use a Pandora Battery,,,
    But it will not start with the battery dont know why ,.,,

    so any one got a clue fore me … like i can use.. PLEASE (I NEED EMULATOR) to play ping pong :) Phewee

    Will Reply:

    Hey Nookie it seems as you THINK there is a big problem

    Firstly I hacked my PSP Slim 2003

    Secondly I had Official 5.01 Firmware not 5.0

    This also answers the question, can you can downgrade from 5.01. the answers is –>YES<–

    Thirdly you will need Pandora’s Battery and MMS (Magic Memory Stick)

    If you need anymore help add me on msn


  44. Will says:

    Thanks Len this was a brilliant guide!!! The best on the internet, (has been said before but what the hell :D ) even though it took me about 3 hours to do it. Seriously I couldn’t get the battery open with a Guitar Pick :P
    Also just for anyone else:
    You CAN hack with PSP Slim 2003 and OFFICIAL software Version 5.01


  45. Pat says:

    Len this is awesome. I just recently got a PSP slim after being PSP-less for like a year. I had previously hacked my “Fat” PSP and I remember it being such a painful process. But you made this SO easy with this guide. Thank you!!

    One thing I’d like to mention for others who can’t get it to boot… Make sure your Memory Stick is formatted as FAT32!!!! For whatever reason, mine was FAT and the PSP would not boot from it. Formatting it to FAT32 solved the problem and things went VERY smoothly after that.

    Thanks again!!!

  46. gemini says:

    hi Len, i followed your tutorial carefully, and when i got to the installing back the battery into the psp, the green light does not automatically turn on., i tried manually turning on the switch, and my psp (PSP 2000 which I bought here in Japan) boots normally, i guess that means i haven’t damaged the battery yet. But i tried doing steps 4&5 for like 7 times, but I were still not able to make the green light to turn on automatically, and every time i manually turn on the power, my psp boots just the same. I am quite sure that I have cut the circuit trace on #19 point, in fact i even made a tiny hole through the pcb on the process, is there any possible reason why i encounter this problem, by the way, the battery pack i opened is similar to the one shown on your tutorial, and it is made here in Japan.. (3.6V; 1200mAh)
    hope you could help me…thanks!

  47. armywife28 says:

    I made the pandora battery but can’t get the magic memory stick to work. I downloaded the psp grader and 1.5 and 3.9 when I put the 1.5 eboot into the grader it says not a valid eboot loaded I got the 1.5 from the sony psp archives. What am I doing wrong?

  48. kevin says:

    hi i have a psp with ic1003 inside the umd slot and 3.95 official fw on can i use pandoras batt to put custom firmware on pls help

  49. Steph says:

    Hi ! I’m new to all this but your guide seems to be the easiest one I’ve found so far. I have one question before starting the process. Do I have to downgrade the firmware to version 1.5 as mentioned on many sites before starting this ? Can I do this on a PSP I just bought without doing anything else first ?

    Best Regards

    Will Reply:

    Yes you can do this on a psp you have just bought if it is the SLIM PSP. If it is the psp 3000 it won’t work. Also, you do not need to downgrade to version 1.5, just follow the guide and do exactly what it says.


    Steph Reply:

    Thanks Will ! I bought a PSP 2000 so I should be fine then.

    Will Reply:

    Cool , If you need anymore help just reply to the comment again :D

    adam Reply:

    i didnt install it but i did install it on another computer and when i go to open it and operate it on another computer it tells me somethnig that like the eboot file is not working

  50. marc says:


  51. Thanh says:

    i just bought a piano black psp slim 2001 with an offical firmware of 4.01 can i still mod the psp

    Will Reply:

    Yes you can mod your new PSP :)
    I hacked mine and it had Official Firmware 5.01 so you can definitely mod yours ;)
    Just follow the guide and do exactly what it says


    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    hey, just to let you know, the new Piano Black PSP can not be modded, it comes with the new TA-88v3 motherboard. which is not hackable for now.

  52. The Game says:

    I tried 2 do this process but then i keep getting an error message from the psp grader. I use a sony pr duo 1gb mem stick any suggestions.oh and yeah when i got the slim and lite i ugraded 2 ofw 5.02. Will it stil work?

    Will Reply:

    What does the error message say?
    Maybe I can shed some more light if I know more.


  53. santi says:

    i did all the steps and it wouldnt work i have ofw 5.02 psp slim

    Will Reply:

    Are you positive you did all the steps + did you cut deep enough into the battery, not too far though, also when you have the Magic Memory Stick and Pandora Battery, make sure the battery is 100% charged then take both out. Put the memory stick in first then hold the L shoulder button and insert the battery, keep the L button held down and if you did everything correctly some writing will come saying do you want to install custom firmware 3.90m33. Also check if you have the TA-082 Motherboard.
    This site shows you where to look for it.


  54. adam says:

    you know this was what ive been loking for i f this guys isnt getting paid buddy e-mail me cause i think i might has a job for you

  55. adam says:

    me too

  56. Ahmad says:

    Dear Len

    Awesome tutorial. I have a question. I have a psp slim 2001 running 3.95 firmware. Do i still download 3.90 firmware as you suggested? Also i am too scared of opening the battery but i can BUY the pandora battery and the MMS. Would the bought ones still work?


    Will Reply:

    Yes it will work, just follow the guide and do exactly what it says.
    Usually bought ones that have been made by a company don’t work and no you can’t buy a MMS I don’t think unless it is second hand also making the MMS is probaly the easiest thing to do in my opinion plus you can use it as a normal battery

    Clank Reply:

    im pretty sure it will work because it is made by professionals :)

  57. qwikrazor87 says:

    Hey, just to let you know, the official “Sony” 4GB memory stick Pro Duo will not work for the TimeMachine IPL, because it does not have enough reserved sector space for the TM IPL to be injected. Len I was wondering if there was a way i can use my 4GB Sony memory stick Pro Duo to boot into 1.50 and 3.60M33 on my PSP Slim, because i could do it with my San Disk, but i want to use my 4GB which has most of the things I use. I tried injecting the TM IPL with PSP Grader v005 but it doesn’t fix the problem. thanks Len.

  58. Clank says:


  59. Clank says:

    my psp slim came with official firmware 3.95 i uprgaded to 4.05. im still wondering if these steps will work? plz reply.

  60. qwikrazor87 says:

    the slim is already hacked clank, it just depends on which PSP Slim that you have, if you have the PSP Slim with the TA-85 motherboard, then yes you can hack it, but if you have the TA-88v3 then it can’t be hacked, i have the PSP Slim Daxter edition, and it’s hacked, but the new Piano Black PSP Slims can’t be hacked right now, what PSP Slim do you have?

    Clank Reply:

    i have a psp slim star wars addition. when i got it out of the bow i had OFW 3.95. i upgraded to 4.05. i have a pre made pandora tool battery. my psp slim version is 2001. i dont know why this won’t work? the files dont appear in my game when i look on my psp. someone plz help. my firend is trying to help cause he has custom firmware on a fat psp. but it will be different. and when i put in my pandora battery the green light cones on but the boot menu doesn’t. i tried 16 different pandora installers but none of them worked. i dont know wuts going on. iv been looking foward to this for 3 years and no luck. if you guys have a solution PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPZPLZPLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to play the daedelus r13! if anyone can help… PLZ DO! O yea and my pandora battery says: 3.6V 1800 mAh PANDORA BATTERY TOOL. is this a fake or not i need answeres plz help!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Clank says:

    i have a psp slim star wars addition. when i got it out of the bow i had OFW 3.95. i upgraded to 4.05. i have a pre made pandora tool battery. my psp slim version is 2001. i dont know why this won’t work? the files dont appear in my game when i look on my psp. someone plz help. my firend is trying to help cause he has custom firmware on a fat psp. but it will be different. and when i put in my pandora battery the green light cones on but the boot menu doesn’t. i tried 16 different pandora installers but none of them worked. i dont know wuts going on. iv been looking foward to this for 3 years and no luck. if you guys have a solution PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPZPLZPLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to play the daedelus r13! if anyone can help… PLZ DO! O yea and my pandora battery says: 3.6V 1800 mAh PANDORA BATTERY TOOL. is this a fake or not i need answeres plz help!!!!!! PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PANDORA BATTERY IS ALSO BLACK. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANT CUSTOM FIRMWARE!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Will says:

    Step 1: Calm Down
    Step 2: Before you put the battery in hold down the L button and keep it held down whilst you put the battery in and keep holding it down until the text appears on the screen.
    (It is amazing how so many people don’t read the comments before or do this step!!!!!)
    Also try to do it yourself i mean come on new Official Batteries are quite cheap also theres a guarentee it’s not fake.
    Lots of pre-made ones can be faulty, fake or just crappy


    Clank Reply:

    but will i did hold down L wut happened?

    Will Reply:

    Well if you are sure you made the MMS properly try and make the pandora yourself and see if it works.
    Also check to see if it has the currently “unkackable motherboard”

    Clank Reply:


  63. Will says:

    Well i made the Pandora Battery myself
    I used PSP grade v5 to make the MMS
    Waited till i had 100% battery then I inserted the battery whilst holding down L
    It came up with the text asking to install 3.90mm3 and i did
    It’s actually really easy just follow the guide word by word
    Also if you need to ask me anymore questions feel free


    Clank Reply:

    Will tahnks ill try one more time and if it doesnt work could you help me. TY reply
    P.S. will this work cause i dont have a number in the UMD slot and my psp version is 2001. i have a TOOL battery that i bought and this is wut its says: 3.6V 1800mAh PANDORA BATTERY. thats wut it says. and i have one more question, how did you hack your 3000? reply plz

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    Hey Clank, if you have Yahoo Messenger please add me at qwikrazor87, but if you don’t, just write to me at I just got done hacking the same PSP a few days ago. I know exactly what your problem is, your using the Pandora battery that’s only made for the PHAT PSP, you’re supposed to make the Pandora battery yourself. write to me if you have any questions.

    Clank Reply:

    just to let you know i dont have e mail and could you plz reply EXACTLY WUT YOU DID PLZ OK

  64. Clank says:

    just updated to 5.03 and my psp slim 2001 came out of the box with 3.90 or 3.95. im using psp grader version 005 help!? oh yea and my green light does turn on automatically

  65. jon says:

    hi i downloaded all the stuff and it worked fine but when i put the eboot on its says error acess denied and i dont know what to do can u help plz?
    o when i dwnlded the eboot from the website i opened grader and found the eboot i downloaded and then it said recognized eboot and i check the memory stick thing(g) and when i went to create it it said error acess denied plz help?T.T

  66. jt says:

    hi i just bought a new psp-2006 with version 4.01. can i use this way to modify my psp?

  67. Justin says:

    Thanks for sharing. That was EXACTLY what I had in mind.

  68. SAIF says:


  69. SAIF says:


  70. SEAN says:

    hi i NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!

    this message came up when i clicked on the “create magic memory stick thing” it said



    Len Reply:

    Hi SEAN,
    You need to right-click PSP Grader and select “Run as Administrator”.

    taylor Reply:

    thank you so much was about to give up till i saw i had to right click and run as admin

  71. john86 says:

    Is it possible for any1 to tell me if you can use any memory stick to make a mms, because i have tryed your guide!! and the battery works as a service battery but when L button is held and battery is inserted the screen remains black and not the service screen! the memory stick im using is a MAX MEMORY with 1Gb space??? Any suggestions???

  72. Paponster says:

    Hi Len, great job on the tutorial. Just 1 question: I managed to make the MMS with my existing memory stick but the battery did not work. Will the CFW work if I buy a Pandora Battery and use the MMS that I already made?

  73. Samarth Patel says:

    Hey Len! I don’t know how to say thank you for such a fantastic job! i had been looking all over the web to get a tutorial that will guide me step by step, but couldn’t find one, but than i found your website!!! awesome job! but, could you please please help me with my confusion.

    The problem is that i have PSP Slim Madden NFL 2009 Pack. I updraded it to the latest Official firmware(5.03) without knowing anything about Custom Firmware. I read ur guide. but i wondered that shouldi use the same OFW 3.90 u mentioned in ur guide to install 3.90 M33 CFW. or should i use 5.03 OFW to install 3.90 CFW on my PSP. please help!!!
    Thanks and Appericiate It!

  74. sean says:

    i know this is probly not the place to ask this question but ill try anyway
    my mate downloaded some program thing for my psp he then enterd the name and the file( i think) into my psp internet address box and then he bookmarked it and when ever i went into my internet it came up with the program ( the program or what ever it was had heaps of flash games or swf games and many other small app’s like a calculator and stuff) the name from what i remeber has ‘ultimatepsp’ in it and he got it from ‘QJ.NET’ THE REASON IM ASKING IS THAT I WANT IT AGAIN COS I FORMATED MY MEMSTICK BY ACCEDENT PLZZZZZZ HELP

  75. jhen says:

    Is this tutorial really work??
    plss help..
    Im really afraid to do such thing like this in my psp2001..
    plss Len i need ur help..

  76. sharif says:

    once i click on create pandorra stick it seems to take a very long time. is this supoosed to happen

  77. POD says:

    Is there a separate tutorial for PSP 1001B2?

    Appreciate a reply on this.


  78. bongskey says:

    hi len tnx for the post your the best…..

  79. gamepwner says:

    Bless god for flash cards, games are unaffordable nowadays and thanks to flash card stuff I can still game without having to pay tons of money.

  80. Struggling? - Page 2 - WizardMods - Cable & Satellite Forums says:

    [...] dont buy a pan battery m8 just make one out of old battery eh all info needed isd here eh Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 1 | very easy to do and takes 5 mins then you is away [...]

  81. How to: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 2 « how to central says:

    [...] Step 1: Creating a bootable memory stick Step 2: Creating a service tool battery Step 3: Flashing the firmware [...]

  82. syaoran1412 says:

    hey emmmm does this works for psp 3000 im too lazy th read the below post

  83. syaoran1412 says:

    oh yeah see post 73 thats my other question thx in adv

  84. Jonathon Rodriguez says:

    Hey, I am not sure if I can actually make my memory stick a magic stick. I tried to make my soft ware a 3.90 but it wont pop up when i click on it like every other one i click on. I went to the official psp web site and downloaded the 6.10 software and I dont know if that will work… I made the pendora battery no problem and I thank you for that.( i read the how to instructions). But im still really confused on what i have to do with my memeory stick. I bought a 2 gig. The psp I have is a slim 2001 and I got it from my friend who dropped it down the school steps and the screen broke so he gave it to me. I was able to make a pendora battery, and im not to sure if the 6.10 version, will work to make it a custom firmware. What do i need to do so that I can make it that I can download the sony psp firm ware 3.90. I am sorry for writing a book (lol) but i really need help. Thank you and I appreciate it for your help – Anonymous

  85. edge says:

    Hi Len,great tutorial!
    i have a problem,i have a psp slim 2001 with OFW 4.00. though a newbee in this knid of stuff i kinda find your tutorials quite interesting.I want to install CFW 5.00m33-4 but i don’t know how to go about it.
    Can i use your tutorials? if yes can u also send me psp grader v005 or any one i can use for this tutorials since i cannot find any trusted websites to download it.Please help me install CFW 5.00m33-4 and reply me through my mail.

  86. den says:

    hi len i have 3001 psp i create mempry stick bootable now to boot form memry card just tell me i nned ur help thnx

  87. Wasi says:

    I also have a PSP 2001 (madden edition), But I have firmware 4.05. completing the method you instructed above, will this work for the 4.05 firmware as it dod for the 3.90?
    Thanks for the help

  88. gee says:

    Hi, my slim psp2k is running 4.05 soft version – trid using Pandora tool kit, but for some reason it wouldn’t load image from the memory card (light wouldn’t flash, instead it was static green)… wot’d you suggest?

  89. Trevor says:

    hey dude, im new at this

    but when i press the “Create Pandora Stick” button on the PSP Grader v005 it pop ups with an error window saying “Access to the path’C:\Program Files (x86)\PSP Grader\ injectipl.cmd’ is denied.”

    please help me man


    P.S. anyone how might know please email me at

  90. jeff says:

    hi len,
    i found this tutorial maybe effective. i have psp slim 2006 model w/ 8G sandisk mms and unfortunately i brick my psp. i try this guide step by step. when im using psp grader it seems no probs at all and also to my battery, when i inserted it with L button down and memory is already inserted, the green light appear but it tooks me more than a minute nothing happen to my the problem is in my mms or on my psp model?is this psp2006 hackable?

  91. Nav says:

    Hi Len,

    I am having the same problem as jeff, my verion is psp2003. When i put the battery the green light comes on, but nothing happens even after holding the L Button for a while.
    I even tried with v005 with 3.90 and also v006 with 4.01 but still the same result.
    I bought a new Scandisk 2GB, as you advised in earlier posts, but the result remains the same. Kindly advise what i am doing wrong. Thanks

  92. Mike says:

    Hey Len, I have been looking for tutorials and yours is the best I have seen! Like most of the comments here, We all have a question. I got the Psp firmware in your tutorial as well as the grader_v005_-Lie_Setup.Rar. thing. I try opening them and it says “an error has happened while expanding this file.” (That’s for the firmware) For the psp grader says the exact same thing as the firmware said. How can I get to open the files. This might be a tough one for you. But I’m also on a imac.

    Please help.

    p.s If your able to find out or cannot, please tell me at my email…

  93. Pickles says:

    I cant get grader to work on windows 7 :[

  94. Kinshi says:

    I just tried this with a 32GB microSD/ transflash with a Prostick duo adapter… works great.

  95. sicario says:

    tengo una pregunta. tengo una psp3001 v6.31 y quiero y quiero bajar la version mas baja lo eh intentado y no eh podido hacer nada con ella que me recomendaria o como podria darle un downgrade? pliz necesito ayuda >>> muchas gracias .<<<

  96. sicario says:

    I have a question. I have one psp3001 v6.31 and I want and I want to lower to the low version but eh tried and not eh been able to do nothing with her who recomendaria or like podria to give him downgrade me? pliz I need help > > > thank you very much.

  97. Kai says:

    Hi len,

    got a prob with ipl not injecting into a sony memory stick pro-hg duo….4gb…..but, the first time i used it it REALLY works…but after a long time the ipl cnt be injected anymore T^T…whats the prob???

  98. Shane says:

    I have just had my PSP Exchanged by Sony and now have the following;

    Model: PSP-2003
    Date Code: 8B
    System Software: 3.95

    Serial: HBO64****

    Is this hackable?

    Many thanks in advance,


  99. Shane says:

    Anyone offer assistance, please?