Step 1: Creating a bootable memory stick
Step 2: Creating a service tool battery
Step 3: Flashing the firmware

Now that we have a bootable memory stick created containing the service utilities and the custom firmware, we need to get the PSP to boot off the memory stick.  Under normal circumstances, the PSP will always boot from the firmware image stored its embedded flash memory.  By booting from our freshly created magic memory stick, we can replace the contents of the PSP’s embedded flash memory with the custom firmware image.

To make the PSP boot from the memory stick is very simple, we need to tell the PSP to enter service mode.  Sony created a service mode for the PSP that allows a technician to boot from a secondary device and run service utilities on defective or damaged PSPs.  One example might be if a PSP no longer turns on, a technician would be able to diagnose and replace a damaged firmware through these service utilities – very similar to the goal of this HOWTO.  This service mode is accessed by using a service tool battery – sometimes referred to as a Pandora or Jigkick battery.  When this type of battery is inserted in to the PSP, the PSP recognizes it and the function of booting from the memory stick becomes available.  Since Sony does not make these service tool batteries available to consumers, it is possible to create our own service tool battery from the battery that comes with the PSP slim.

My best understanding of how it works is that each PSP battery has a unique serial number programmed in to the battery’s EEPROM which is checked when the battery is inserted in to the PSP.  If a normal battery is inserted, the serial number is checked and the PSP operates as normal.  The difference is a service battery has a serial number of all 1s.  When inserting the service battery, the PSP will recognize the serial number of all 1s and allow booting from the memory stick.

Although there are different methods of creating a service tool battery, I will only focus on the “hard-mod” method.  Through this method, we will be making a physical change to the battery itself.  Although this step is not overly difficult, it is a bit challenging.  If you decide to attempt this procedure, please use extreme care.  Work in a clean and well lit area.  Exercise care and patience.  Make sure you full understand this tutorial and the risks associated with it.  I am not responsible for any damages caused by this tutorial.

We will need the following items to complete this step:
PSP Slim battery model PSP-S110 (3.6V 1200mAh)
Guitar pick
Magnifying glass
Sharp utility knife
Packing tape

Step 1: Prepare your work area.  Always have a clean and well lit area to work with.  It is a small step that is often overlooked.  Have your required tools listed above ready to work with.  Prepare yourself for about 20 minutes of work.  When you are ready, open the battery door of your PSP and remove the battery.

Step 2: Open the battery case using a guitar pick.  Although a small screwdriver or utility knife might work well too, I like the simplicity of a standard guitar pick.  The guitar pick is sturdy, has very thin rounded off edges with a nicely rounded off point.  The guitar pick has a very small chance of doing any permanent damage to the PSP whereas a metal tool can do more damage to the battery’s plastic shell or even worse, permanently damage the small circuit board inside the battery beyond repair.  Note that the pick I used had a small crack in it before opening up the battery.

This step only requires some time and patience.  It is really quite easy.

First, gently slide the guitar pick in to the left and right sides of the battery where the two halves of the plastic shell meet.  Work it in slowly and you should feel the pick getting between the halves.  Slowly work your way up and down the groove and you will feel and hear the seals snap.

Repeat this for the bottom of the battery.  Work the guitar pick in to the bottom seam and slow and gently break the seal.  The corners can be a bit trick but just work slowly and be gentle.  I cannot stress enough to take your time and be patient during this procedure.

Once the two sides and bottom have been unsealed, we only need to complete the top of the battery to remove the casing.  The top of the battery is a bit harder in the area where the battery terminals connect to the PSP.  As always, just work slowly and be gentle and you may need to apply some mild pressure to physically separate both pieces of the battery shell.

Step 3: Now that the battery case has been opened, you will see a small circuit board attached to the still-sealed Lithium-ion battery by two small piece of metallic foil.  Gently unfold the circuit board away from the battery pack and lay out flat.  Notice in the following picture the red circle around the number 19 on the circuit board.  In this case, 19 is the magic number.

Step 4: Cut the number 19 trace.  Using a magnifying glass and well lit area will make this a easier.  Hold the battery and circuit board securely and very still. Using a very sharp utility knife and some pressure, make a good and deep cut right through the number 19 trace wire.  This will damage the circuit board in a way that the EEPROM will report the serial number as all 1s.

Step 5: Close the battery back up.  Fold the circuit board back in to place and re-assemble the plastic battery shell.  Since the battery shell will not stay closed on its own anymore, use some small pieces of packing tape to hold the shell firmly together.  Put a piece of tape on the sides with some extra attention to the top of the battery.  This is due to how the battery requires a little upward force when removed from the PSP.  I like packing tape since it is very thin and strong.  Other tapes are thicker which might cause the battery to get stuck inside the battery compartment.  Packing tape can also be removed easily if you need to repeat step 4 in the event that it didn’t work – or just to show your friends.

If you have completed these steps successfully, the PSP power will automatically power on when the battery is inserted.  The screen will likely remain black but the green power light should come on.  If the power does not automatically come on, try manually turning the PSP on to make sure the battery has not been permanently damaged.  If you get no power at all, you better go buy a new battery.  If you do get power, then chances are you did not cut trace 19 completely.  Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you can insert the battery and the power light automatically comes on.  It took me two tries to get it right so don’t worry or rush yourself.

Remove the battery from the PSP and leave it off to the side for now.  Now that we have a service tool battery and bootable memory card ready for use.  In the next step, we will use these two tools together for bringing new and wonderous functionality to our PSP.

On to step 3…

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92 Responses to “Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 2”
  1. shawn says:

    i made the magic memory stick with the psp grader and i modded the psp slim battery and it works justs fine and i put in the mms. i held the l button while putting in the battery and all i got was a black screen with the power light on i dont know what i did wrong
    i hav eth eofficial memory stick with the new psp slim
    pease help me!!1

    Aaron Reply:

    hi guys my name is aaron and i just recently got a psp slim AND i have been trying to downgrade for about 2 dAYS now but without any luck… i had alll the right tools, i bought a psp phat battery and made a pandora battery out of it and i also correctly made a magic memory stick (using 1GB sony) and i know i did it right because i used the same pandora battery and magic stick on my friends psp slim and it worked perfectly the way it was supposed to….. but his was a lower version than mine to begin with…
    so i came to the conclusion that my psp slim version 5.02 is impossible to downgrade or is it
    does any one of you guys have a solution for my problem

    navroze Reply:

    hey can u tell me whether 4.01ver of the psp-2004 can be cracked or not please reply as soon as possible.eager to know

  2. Len says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I’ve been doing some testing with PSP Grader v005 and it seems to be working for me. Please be aware that my testing is a bit limited since I only one memory stick. Are you able to test this with another memory stick, preferably a Sandisk brand? I hear that the Sony brands should work fine but I did hear about a problem using a Sony 4GB memory stick. If you don’t have access to another memory stick at this time, please try experimenting with the other options of PSP Grader. Formatting the memory stick might help during creation. Failing that, you can try one of the other IPL options but I really don’t know if that will help. If possible, please try a different memory stick and let us know the results.

  3. shawn says:

    i have a sony 1 gb chip
    i think it could be the model of my psp because when i look at the back it says model: psp-2004
    that is probably the newest models out there

  4. Dart says:

    Hi Len!

    I just folowed your tutorial, cuted the 19 wire. But after I insert the battery it took about 30 seconds for the green power led to light on. Is this normal?

    Anyway, I inserted the battery holding down the L button…. After the 30 seconds the green led turns on… and then… nothing heapens…

    I have an original 4GB sony card… tried without and formating using PSP Grader v005 and the Original 3.90 Sony Firmware downloaded from the link you provided…

    I also kept the battery all day charging before cuting the 19 wire… So Its fully charged.

    What’s wrong?

  5. Len says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I have one final suggestion for creating the memory stick. Please try downloading the complete Microsoft .net framework 2.0. PSP Grader is a .net application and if your framework is not installed correctly, PSP Grader may not work quite right.

    I am not sure if the Model 2004 makes a difference with these instructions. If you still can not get it to work after installing the full .net framework, I would try a Sandisk brand memory stick.

  6. Len says:

    Hi Dart,
    My experience is that the PSP would power-on immediately after inserting the service battery. You can try manually turning it on and that will probably work OK. Do you have a PSP Model 2000 or 2001?

    As I was telling Shawn, there may be problems using the Sony 4Gb memory stick. If you can try a Sandisk memory stick, you may have better success.

  7. Seven says:

    hey guys, anyone not having anything pop up after greenlight when inserting battery, its because there is a problem with your pandora memory stick. in fact the best and surest way to install custom firmware is using this guide’s section on making a pandora battery but to make a solid pandora memory stick use:

    this guide on youtube. worked amazing after my memory stick wouldnt work using this procedure.

    the guide helped me install CFW 3.71mm3 and then using the network update feature i upgraded my firmware to the latest custom firmware :D :D peace guys

  8. Rock Lee says:

    Your HOW TO DO is really useful. Unfortunately, I failed in trying to make a Pandora Battery. I used a cutter to slowly grind the halves. I then used a small toothpick like filer to file my way through. Now I’m not sure if this was a bad move, I used the file to sort of lightly drill a hole in one spot. To my dismay, a spark of flame ignited and smoked started to leak and you can smell something coming out of that hole. After that you can hear hissing sounds and I guess that means my battery is history. It’s a shame, but I guess I was kind a close in splitting the halves open. Now I need to go grab another battery. Is there any tips like how deep your suppose to cut the halves or anything else that you can input here?

  9. Len says:

    Hi Rock,
    I think you might have over-done it a bit on that battery. I found it was rather safe using the plastic guitar pick to open up the battery case. A plastic tool has far less potential of damaging the small and sensitive components of the battery. There really isn’t a whole lot to it, please just take your time and don’t get frustrated. If you really don’t want to modify the battery yourself, there are online retailers that sell pre-made service tool batteries. Fortunately your battery is a lot easier to replace than the entire PSP.

    Perhaps other people can share their experience for which tools they used to open the battery and any tips they might have.

    Ka0sx Reply:

    A simple watch screwdriver is the best for scratching off the track print

  10. Kaito says:

    Hi Len,

    I was wondering on this step, is the Pandora Battery still able to run like a normal psp battery after that?

    Or do you suggest that I get another battery?

  11. Manu says:

    Possibly helpful: if you do not want to risk damaging your original battery, you can buy a “Datel Tool battery”, they even seem to sell this on Amazon.

  12. Len says:

    Hi Kaito, you can convert the Pandora battery back to normal. Please read the conclusion page for more detail.

  13. insamnlak says:

    hi i was just wondering before installing the cfw 3.90 m33. my psp is running official fw 3.60, do i need to upgrade the official firmware to 3.90 before installing 3.90 m33? or can i just boot 3.90m33 cfw using official fw 3.60 , thanks

  14. insamnlak says:

    i just went to load up the pandora into service mode and the screen stays black i followed every step precisely using psp grader v005 i have a psp 2001 running official firmware 3.60. i service tool battery is working properly i assume, does anyone happen to know when i hold down the L shoulder button the options to install doesn’t appear… thanks somone pleease help im eager to get this working tthanks i also am using a sony 2gb memory card if that helps or would make a difference

  15. iyeru says:

    You guys need to check out this…

    A lot easier than hardmodding if you ask me.

  16. Len says:

    Hi insamnlak, everything should work as described. Some people have had problems with the Sony memory sticks. Please either try a newer version of PSP Grader or a different memory stick brand. The Sandisk brands have worked very well.

  17. ryan says:

    i have custom firmware on my psp. a buddy did it, so i dont know exactly what he did. i want to buy a bigger memory stick, but im not sure if it will work with my setup. if i were to get it, would i just have to do step one?

    oh, and my battery hasnt had the trace cut yet. does this make a difference?

    Len Reply:

    Hi ryan,
    if your battery has not been modified, any memory stick should work just fine.

  18. jeroen says:

    is it possible hat i didn’t do a hard mod on my battery.. but that i flash my original sony battery to a pandora battery with software, and i so flash my psp?

  19. avi says:

    very nice guide one of the best i read, but i have one simple question about the pandora battery,
    can i buy a pandora battery from e-bay which is JigKick
    will it work??
    thanks ,lokking forward for your reply

  20. Adam says:

    Hi Len,

    Thanks again for an awesome tutorial.. I have three questions.

    Having read this just a few days ago, I went out and bought myself a slim PSP so that I could get to work on having homebrew stuff such as SNES and NES emulators, etc. I decided to purchase myself a second battery to create a Pandora Battery with so that I could mod other people’s PSPs as they’re too scared to try it themselves. The only problems I have is:

    1) I could only purchase a Sony 3.6V 2200mAh battery (with the replacement cover, as it’s thicker than the normal slim 3.6V 1200mAh battery supplied with the PSP) so do you know if it’s still the same procedure within the 2200mAh? I’d much rather crack that one open, so I can revert back to the original battery for normal usage – it only cost me $15 new.

    2) Is there a mirror download for PSP Grader at all? has been down for days, and I can’t seem to find another location of which to download it from. I only have dialup, so using torrents or file sharing programs is a little out of the question.

    3) Will using this procedure with OFW 4.05 in place of 3.90 still work? I’ve also tried to download OFW 3.90 from various locations, but the download gets canceled each time before I can finish (I’m guessing due to weak bandwidth) so I haven’t been able to come up with a copy of that either. But I do have 4.05 downloaded to my computer, and using that would be easier I guess.

    Thanks in advance!

    Len Reply:

    Hi Adam,
    1) The 2200mAh battery requires a slightly different procedure. I don’t have one of these batteries so I can’t give you much information.
    2) now has PSP Grader available for download again. There are also many other good utilities out there to make the magic memory stick. PSP Grader did the trick for me.
    3) With the instructions presented here, only OFW 3.90 will work. PSP Grader v006 requires OFW 4.01.

  21. mari says:

    hi len..

    can i charge my pandora battery using my PSP??

    Len Reply:

    Yes, charging the pandora battery should work just fine.

  22. Nak says:

    hi len just bought my slim psp-2000 today and i did exactly as you told but after putting the battery back in …. nothing happens. no green light no black screen nothing at all… help me out with it pls

  23. Steve says:

    while i was trying to open up my battery, white stuff came out, it smelt like it was burning and the battery got hot. what happened ? :(

    Anonymous Reply:

    That’s what she said.

    elmaton420 Reply:

    nice lol

    Ryan Rhodes Reply:

    Youve Obviously Cut Into The Battery And Leaked Acid!

  24. avi says:

    i cant download the official firmware 4.01 it said

    The requested URL /update/psp/image/jp/2008_0625_c593abc023aa9b215710df6e263b3fff/EBOOT.PBP was not found on this server.

  25. ziomek says:

    hi Len
    when i inserted the Magic memory stick and pandora battery holding L, i got power but no white text
    what happened??
    i cut the 19 trace line 5 times
    i think its is the problem with the magic memory stick

    i have a sandisk momory card 4GB and PSP 2001 with 4.05 firmware, i used PSP grader v006

    i have downloaded the official firmware from 4.01 from an another website
    can you please privide me a new link to download since i cant download from your given one
    please help me

  26. Chiradip says:

    Hello please help….. i have recently bought a psp2004, with PSP-S110 battery,i tried modding according to your procedure, but my psp does not power up… in fact i took the chip off,but still it doesn’t work …please help!!!

  27. Chiradip says:

    Len in addition to my previous querry, what i ment was even taking the chip off is letting my psp2004 start the usual way but it is not coming to the upgrade state(ie; green light on with black screen, from where we can start flashing)… secondly is any m33 release available for psp2004, 4.01 version….. please help len……

    Naka Reply:

    u probably got the same psp as i did,most slims with latest OFW like 4.01 seem to have the TA-088v3 boards which are NOT HACKABLE .

  28. ziomek says:

    hi Len
    just to tell you i also tried v005 with all IPLs and psp grader with IPL NONE and TRIANGLE BUTTON
    i really want to get custom fimware and play games
    pls help Len

  29. varun says:

    i have completed steps 4 n 5.after that when i insert the pandora battery the green light flashes but the screen doesn’t turn black,instead it switches on.Please help me out regarding wud be very helpfull.mine is a psp-2008 wid d same battery specs.

    Naka Reply:

    u’re very close to know your psp is not hackable. but im not sure, my psp-2000 OFW 4.01 was havin the same problem and at the end i had a non-hackable board.

    varun Reply:

    oh my god!!is my psp not hackable???i have an OFW 4.05 ,plz help me out… do i install(in step 1) ofw 3.90 or ofw 4.01??

    Naka Reply:

    i think you must first know if its non-hackable or not and if its hackable you can downgrade to 3.90 or 4.01 and all that stuff. searched the internet a lot and found that latest slim psp-2000s that have 4.01 or later OFWs are non-hackable :(
    mine war 4.01 OFW and i changed it in a shop with another already CFWed one

    Naka Reply:

    hmm try buying a already pandorized battery. i’ve cut my battery line like 13time but still it was workin as normal…(i mean on the non-hackable one)

    varun Reply:

    ill hav to probably buy another battery n try it as u said..can i like flash it with a pandora battery used on another psp??
    and after flashing it can i use it with the old battery??

    Naka Reply:

    yeah u can

  30. Naka says:

    check this out

  31. blurd says:

    hi everyone,

    I bought psp 2001 with cfw 3.xx m33 installed. i updated it to ofw 5.01. is it still downgradable?i believe my board is hackable cuz it has cfw 3.xxm33 when i bought it. plz. need your advise.

    Naka Reply:

    ofc its hackable with m33 installed but why u wanna downgrade it ?

    blurd Reply:

    cuz i upgraded it to ofw 5.01, and i want it back to cfw (any version) it possible?is there any risk if i do the downgrade?

    Naka Reply:

    yea its possible since your board is proven that it can be hacked. risk? hmm no if u do it step by step carefully

  32. blurd says:

    so it doesn’t matter if it’s ofw 5.01 installed already?i’ll try it right away..thanks a lot Naka

  33. kyed says:

    So this is my problem… I have a second hand PSP2004 model.

    When I get it, it had the original sony firmware 5.01 installed.

    I’ve made the MMS, and the Pandora Batery, cuting the 19 line. The cut went from one side to the other of the circuit… I’m sure it’s well cutted.

    When I insert the Batery nothing happens. I manualy power up my PSP and it works normaly.

    Probably this is a non-hackable model, but how can I have sure?

    Is there any other way I can try to mod this model?

    Naka Reply:

    WOW u got like the LATEST psp-2004 on the store with OFW 5.01 installed. its probably a non-hackable one,my 4.01 OFW had the same prob i’ve cut the line hell a lot of time but the battery was running as usual. if u have a friend with CFWed psp try google ing for dark_alex’s board identifying pro(which requires another CFWed psp) and u can check it.

    hmm there’s no other way to mod ur model YET, the dark_alex and his teammates are already workin on the new board version, but it may take lots of time cuz this time sony really made a good protection against pandorising and all that stuff…

    kyed Reply:

    Well… at least it was in second hand… and very cheap :)

    I don’t know if it had the OFW 5.01 installed in the begining… but it did when it got to my hands.

    Let’s hope there’ll be a mod to this model soon

    Chiradip Reply:

    Hey guys! i had put a post on this a few days back about the 2004 PSP not being hackable, but i then i got mine traded for another one because yaa…….. it could not be hacked!!! well i tried the pandora battery stunt by snipping line 19 and even taking the chip out but it doesn’t seem to work. so i traded my psp for a new but hackable one…. which was PSP 2004 and with firmware 4.01 and it was hacked and firmware upgraded to 5.00m33 and given to me by the guy i bought it from. finally guys i think the litmus test for hackable and nonhackable is the serial number. because till date TA-88v3 is coming in the market in 3***** series and the hackable ones in 1***** and 2*****. and yaa the important point is, pandora battery used is one that is available in the market and not pandorised one!!! costs about $80/Rs3000. all the best!!!!

    wolveriner Reply:

    Dude im guessing you are from India cause u mention the price in rupees. . Might u be staying in india? Cause I just got a psp slim 2004 with the 4.01 firmware too. U know where I can get it hacked? Or are u sure it does get hacked? I mean the serial numbers u mentioned?
    Anyway, half my problems are solved if u stay in Mumbai, cause then u can just direct me to whoever hacked your psp for u.
    Lying lethargically in anticipation

    Anonymous Reply:

    Hi dude, sorry for replying so late. well i got mine hacked at delhi, one and only place palika bazaar at CP. go yourself and get it done infront of you, dont trust anyone. they will charge you something like Rs700-800, but worth its salt for the fun you have later. you should be able to find people to do this in mumbai too…
    cheers now

  34. ziomek says:

    can somebody pls help me out i have a PSP 2001 with OFW 4.05.
    when i inserted the pandora batterry the power is on but the screen stayes normal . i tried with a sandisk memory card 4 GB and sony memory stick 2GB.
    i used PSP grader v005 and v006. still nothin

    Naka Reply:

    ziomek what do you mean by normal? u mean the screen is just black?

    ziomek Reply:

    yeah the screen stays totally black, but there is power, maybe should i use a different IPL?

  35. ziomek says:

    the screen stays black , yeah

    Naka Reply:

    probably hack-proof too :(

  36. ziomek says:

    ah! what a pitty!
    i have lost 40$!
    thanks for help anyway :)

  37. SAMM says:

    I accidentally damaged one of the thin foils. is there a way to repair that?

  38. Thanh says:

    i just bought a piano black psp slim 2001 with an offical firmware of 4.01 can i still mod the psp

  39. trenton says:

    i have 5.02 firmware on a psp 2001 can i still do the steps that u provided on the how to?

  40. trenton says:

    can some one answer me ? do i have to downgrade and then upgrade again ?help please

  41. Aaron says:

    hi guys my name is aaron and i just recently got a psp slim AND i have been trying to downgrade for about 2 dAYS now but without any luck… i had alll the right tools, i bought a psp phat battery and made a pandora battery out of it and i also correctly made a magic memory stick (using 1GB sony) and i know i did it right because i used the same pandora battery and magic stick on my friends psp slim and it worked perfectly the way it was supposed to….. but his was a lower version than mine to begin with…
    so i came to the conclusion that my psp slim version 5.02 is impossible to downgrade or is it
    does any one of you guys have a solution for my problem..

    Naka Reply:

    all of you who got the versions higher than 4.01 have probably got the latest psp’s on which you cant use the pandora battery. But guys guess what. i dont know whether its 100% true or not but they hacked the TA-088v3 board using a new kind of battery and its not Pandora battery, but named PSP Lite Blue Tool. it costs 20$

  42. Anthony says:

    Dear Len,
    Hey I need help.I have version 5.02.I made the MMS and Made the pandora battery.When I pop the battery in while holding down the L button nothing happens.Also I used downgrader v6 and a different eboot file which was 4.01.If you could help that would be great!Also my battery is exactly the one you mentioned and it was 100% charged.Thanks

    Naka Reply:

    read my post be4. all the latest psp’s have that *unhackable* board which is now hackable with PSP Lite Blue Tool. it costs 20$

  43. JuN says:


  44. iLL MiNDeD says:

    Dear Len,

    I currently have the madden bundle with OFW 3.95, i followed all of the directions and when i put the battery in nothing happens. Plz help!


  45. Alvin says:

    I have a blue Limited Edition Madden 09 Entertainment Pack PSP-2001XMB. I’ve been reading the forums before doing anything and I want to make sure that I’m not going to break and brick anything before going forward with this. I haven’t yet turned it on with the battery. I have charged the battery and taken it out but have only used the console with the adapter. I know once I turn it on with the battery it’d want to update itself to 5.02.
    I have no idea what motherboard it has. I have a 4G and a 1G memory stick

    Is there a way to install CFW and Homebrew on this thing?

    Thank you everyone.

  46. Alvin says:

    Sorry guys for the trouble. I just read Naka’s reply to post 41 above.


  47. Ahmad says:

    when you cut the board thing should it be cut or just scratched??? LIke should it be cut like actually cut. EG if you tear up paper and its cut is that the way u cut ur board

  48. mr slim says:

    blpooooody thnx i unbriked my psp yay

  49. Clank says:

    len i have my friend’s 512 sanddisk i used psp grader v.005 the files dont show up in the saved games. i have a tool battery that i ordered and when i put it in the gree lite turns on but nothing happens. i have sony 4.05 official firmware on my psp slim i followed all of your directions and the boot menu does not come up! PLZ HELP ME I REALLY WANT THIS!!!!!!!

  50. Clank says:

    my pandora TOOL battery is 3.6v 1800mAh will this work and my psp version is 4.05 OFW PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ HELP!!!!!!

  51. Clank says:

    how do i downgrade help plz i read comment 41

  52. Anonymous says:

    Guys looking for buying guniune pandora battery and backup batteries for PSP, please help yourself at PHIINE SHOP, Uk. amazing guys there and unbelievable customer care. very reasonable too and ship these stuffs to around the world.

  53. Sumer says:

    Hey Hi len
    first of all thanx for such detailed discrited guid it helped alot.

    now as per ur instructions i followed the steps to make a tool battry
    i even had that no.”19″ on my battry. i made a cut on it but it did’nt turn out to be working perfactily.
    the first time i put the battry in it didnt worker even i used the power button to start the psp.
    but when i put it on charger it started working & now it working like erlier with no problem.
    but one thing it did is this, that it have changed my custome settings to the default one.
    tthe nickname of my pap has changed to “P523″ but the version is still “5.03″.
    also the theam is also changed to the default one.

    man its been six months i bought this psp slim & scince then then i’ve been trying to use it to its fullest but no luck….


  54. Anonymous says:

    Forget it!! if your PSP’s manufacturing is pre 2007 then only this method will work. or else you’ll need pandora battery. that to if you are lucky to not end up with a TAv83 mobo or 3000.

  55. Anonymous says:

    ChickHENR2 is the answer. just try the simple test. put the chickhen images and see if psp enters the temp chickhenr2 state. if yes, thn you got lucky, you can hack and play iso’s. i believe hen works on PSP3000, TAV3 and 2004’s too.

  56. reggie says:

    hi guys
    i am having a problem hope some one to guide me through this. i have a psp brought from U.S it says psp-2001, its serial number is HU7432226 and that’s all, its firmware shows as 3.60. i would like to know if i can play pirated games using a memory card. (if yes ) please provide step to step procedure on how to do it. i would be really grateful , i am not sure of which motherboard is there in side and my battery is 3.6v / 1200mAh , model psp-S110.and have no spare battery

    please let me know as the earliest its driving me nuts

    Anonymous Reply:

    reggie, first update to 5.03 firmware. then execute according to the following link.
    try this…..
    the best part is that you dont even need a pandora battery for it!!!!!!
    make an iso folder in the root directory of your memory card and place the iso games in it.

  57. miguel000 says:

    Ise lo de la tutoria pero el psp no prende sola .Lo prendo normalmente ayuda.

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  62. Anonymous says:

    Rubish. Don’t try that…