Step 1: Creating a bootable memory stick
Step 2: Creating a service tool battery
Step 3: Flashing the firmware

Now that we have made a bootable memory stick and a service tool battery, we are ready to flash the PSP’s embedded firmware to our custom version.  Just to recap, the service mode battery allows the PSP to boot from the memory stick and the memory stick is already loaded with a boot image, service utilities and the custom firmware image.  After the PSP boots from the memory stick, we will write the custom firmware image to the PSP’s embedded flash memory.  Make sure you fully understand the contents and risks of this tutorial before performing any steps.  Failure to perform these steps correctly can result in permanent damage to your PSP.  I am not responsible for any damage you may cause – proceed at your own risk.

Before we begin, the PSP should NOT have the bootable memory stick or service mode battery inserted yet.  Also, the battery should be as fully charged as possible.  If the battery has less than an 80% charge, the PSP may not go in to service mode correctly.  If necessary, insert the service mode battery and plug in the PSP with the AC adapter.  Wait for the battery to completely charge and then remove the AC adapter and battery.

Step 1: Insert the bootable memory stick.  Easy…

Step 2: While holding down the L shoulder-button on the PSP, insert the service tool battery.  Holding L while in service mode makes the PSP boot from the memory stick.  After a couple of seconds, you will see a black screen with white text on it – this means that everything is working as planned!  You are presented with four options:

Press X to install 3.90 M33
Press O to install original 3.90
Press [ ] (square) to dump the nand
Press L+R+start+home to restore nand dump physically (dangerous!)

Step 3: As an option, you can press [ ] (square) to make a backup of the existing embedded firmware to the memory stick.  I haven’t found much use for this backup personally so this step may be skipped.  If you do create the backup, you will need to restart the PSP afterwards using the procedure in Step 2.  Don’t worry if you get bad blocks when performing the NAND dump – this is normal.

Step 4: Finally, what you have been waiting for!  Pressing the X button will write the 3.90 M33-3 firmware image to the PSP’s internal flash memory.  Go ahead and press X.  Enjoy watching the text scroll through the screen as new files are written to the PSP.  This process will take a minute or two to complete.  Once the custom firmware is installed, the PSP will prompt you to press X to shut down.  It is very important to press the X button when prompted.  Under no circumstance should you shut off the PSP without pressing X – Doing so may damage the PSP!

Step 5: Turn the PSP back on – do not hold or press any buttons.  If all went well, the green power will come on, the fimiliar Sony boot logo will load and then the PSP menu will be available.   If for any reason the power is on but you only get blank black screen, repeat steps 2 and 4 to retry writing the custom firmware image.

Step 6: If you made it this far, then everything went according to plan!  Let’s quickly check the firmware version of the PSP just to be sure.  Navigate the menu to Settings -> System Settings -> System Information.  The “System Software” should now read “3.90 M33-3″.  SUCCESS!!

Step 7: Post-install cleanup.  Now that your PSP has the 3.90 M33-3 firmware installed, we are just about done.  Since the PSP’s firmware has been changed, you will need to re-configure any customizations you had on the system.  This includes the system’s nickname and the wireless network settings.

Step 8: Once all your settings are back in place (but even if they aren’t), you should now take a look at the M33 recovery menu.  Turn your PSP off by holding the power switch up for 2 seconds.  Before turning the PSP back on, hold down the R shoulder-button.  After a couple seconds, you will see the M33 Recovery menu load.  Press down once to highlight “Configuration” and press X to select it.  Take a look at the options and you can customize to suit your preferences.  Some important ones are:

Skip Sony logo – Toggles displaying the Sony animation when powering up the PSP.
UMD Mode – How the system accesses the UMD.  I would recommend changing this to “M33 Driver -NO UMD-”.
Use VshMenu – Allows changing of certain M33 settings while in the regular PSP menu.
Charge battery when USB cable plugged – Allows the PSP to charge from the USB connection without using the System -> USB Connection command.
Use M33 network update – Allows the latest M33 firmware to be downloaded and installed through the PSP’s Internet connection.

Select Back, press X and then select Exit and press X.  You will be returned to the main PSP menu.  While in the main PSP menu, you can press the Select button to access and change certain M33 settings, assuming you have the Use VshMenu option enabled.

The 3.90 M33-3 firmware is quite well tested and very stable.  Please take some time to make sure everything is working as you would expect it to.  You have the option of using the Settings -> Network Update option to update the PSP to current version of M33 which, as of this writing, is 4.01 M33-2.

This pretty much concludes the tutorial on how to install custom firmware on your PSP Slim.  For some final thoughts and observations, please read the conclusion.

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188 Responses to “Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 3”
  1. Arnie says:

    step 5
    So when you`ve installed the custom firmware do you still use the “service” battery or install a “normal” battery?

    Anonymous Reply:

    u use a normal battery after cfirmware is done

    Addy Reply:

    I had spoil my battery..when i try to open the casing …..but b4 i buy another battery as my 2nd victim…i want to asking …is it possible to downgrade my psp 2003 with 6.20ver back to older version in order to use this steps…pliz give me some advice…tq

  2. Len says:

    Hi Arnie, for step 5, you should leave the service battery and bootable memory card in the PSP and everything should work just fine. I wrote this entire HOWTO with the assumption that a person only has one general use memory card and only the battery that came with the PSP slim. I will discuss this more in the conclusions and observations article.

    hasnain Reply:

    im using 4.01 ofw and a psp-2003, what about you Len???

    PS great guide!

  3. raj says:

    hi len i think i am doing something wrong but i dont now what it is
    when i modded my battery i put it in the psp and the light turned on automatically
    my battery was 85 charged and i held down the l button while putting in the moded battery but nothing happened
    what did i do wrong

  4. Len says:

    Hi Raj,
    That is good news that your PSP turns on automatically when inserting the service battery. Too bad it did not boot when holding down the L button.

    What type of memory stick are you using? Please backup the contents of your memory stick to your computer and try to re-create it with PSP Grader. You may need to select the Format Memorystick option. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to try a different memory stick.

  5. raj says:

    im using the official sony 1 gb chip i dont know what i did wrong
    maybe it could be the picture thing for the firmware
    i downloaded that from the official psp site
    also just to let you know i am running the official 4.01 firmware maybe that might be the problem
    or it could be the psp since i bout about 2 months ago

  6. Len says:

    Hi Raj,
    Your 1Gb Sony memory stick should be fine. However, you should download only the official Sony 3.90 firmware as shown in Step 1: Creating a bootable memory stick. Downloading firmware from Sony’s own website may result in downloading a newer version than 3.90. PSP Grader is expecting to have 3.90 and will likely not create the memory stick correctly if a different version is used.

    I haven’t tried “downlevelling” the installed firmware from official 4.01 to 3.90M33-3 but it should work. Please share your experience if you get this working correctly.

  7. raj says:

    so then were should i get the 3.90 firmware i tried ur other link and i couldn’t find it
    can you give me a link

  8. Len says:

    Hi Raj,
    Please download the Sony 3.90 official firmware from: and try re-creating the memory stick with PSP Grader.

    I updated the tutorial instructions so it is a little more clear and please let me know if you get it working.

  9. shawn says:

    but i still have the same problem even with the one link you gave me

  10. Len says:

    Hi Shawn, please see my reply here. I hope you get the bootable memory stick working correctly.

  11. Louis says:

    Hi, sorry to bother you but I haven’t embarked on doing this yet and I was just wondering if you could help,
    when I do it I will be using one memory stick but I am buying a Pandoras Battery to avoid having to hardmod my current battery,
    so does this mean that between step 4 and 5 I should switch batteries back to my original battery that came with my PSP and the steps remain the same?
    And once I have installed the CFW do I need to keep the memory stick’s ‘magic’ files or don’t they matter anymore?
    But even though there are a few things I’m still a bit unclear on, this is the best guide I’ve read so far, well done! :]

  12. Len says:

    Hi Louis,
    After you have flashed the firmware in step 4, you can either leave the pandora battery in or change back to your normal battery. I’d say that if you have a normal battery available, you might as well use that before step 5. Your PSP still should boot up normally after step 4 with the service battery as long as you have your magic memory stick inserted.

    Once the CFW is installed, you do not need to keep the “magic” files on the memory stick UNLESS you are using a service battery. Remember that when a service mode battery is inserted, the PSP will attempt to boot from the memory stick. If no boot code is found, the PSP will stay at a black screen until you turn the power off or remove the battery. When a normal battery is used, the PSP will only boot from the embedded flash memory regardless of if your memory stick is magic or not.

    Very glad you enjoy the guide. I wish you the best of luck with your firmware installation. Please post your experiences for others to benefit from!

  13. Louis says:

    Thanks for the extra help, it’s cleared things up alot for me,
    just ordered my Pandoras Battery, I’ll comment again when it arrives and I actually get to flash my PSP :]

  14. tim says:

    will this work with slim becouse i have done everything and when i put the service battery in and hold the l button and nutin happens

  15. Len says:

    Hi Tim,
    Everything here is specifically for the PSP Slim model PSP-2001. It sounds like some people using Sony brand memory sticks are having issues with booting. I have tried two different Sandisk brand memory sticks and both worked fine for me. If you can, I would recommend trying a Sandisk brand memory stick.

    Bern Reply:

    hi, len! as you mentioned that modefication is specifically for PSP Slim model 2001 only…how about PSP Slim model-2004 ver 4.01…I don’t know what the motherboard type is… but is it possible to modify my psp?


  16. tim says:

    hi len,
    i cant get one the psp is my frends and im broke right now do you have any other suggestions

  17. Len says:

    Hi Tim,
    My only suggestion is to try a different program for making the magic memory stick. There is a program called “total newbie easy installer” which might work. I haven’t used it myself so I can not tell you how it works.

  18. tim says:

    hi, len
    thanks ill try it

  19. Len says:

    Good luck Tim. I also suggested to somebody else to try doing a full install of the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework to make sure PSP Grader will work correctly. Please let me know if you get the memory card to work correctly. I would like to see these instructions work for other people too and not only myself.

  20. Louis says:

    Just installed 3.90 M33-3
    Thanks alot for this great tutorial, went off without a hitch :D
    The only thing I got worried about was I couldn’t access the recovery mode, but it seems like I was just holding down the R button too long,
    but yeah, cheers :D

  21. Len says:

    Hi Louis, very glad to hear that you were able to complete the installation using the steps in this tutorial. It seems a lot of readers are able to create the pandora battery – or order one as you did. However, a lot of people have problems creating the magic memory stick. Could you please let us know what type of memory stick you used?

    I’ve only tried two Sandisk memory sticks and both worked fine with PSP Grader v005 under Windows Vista. Wish I had a Sony memory stick to test on.

  22. michael says:

    hey i installed this does this allow for backup games to work? how so?

  23. Len says:

    Hi Michael,
    Yes, you can put your backup .iso or .cso files in the ISO directory on your memory stick and they will work.

  24. Seven says:

    hey guys, anyone not having anything pop up after greenlight when inserting battery, its because there is a problem with your pandora memory stick. in fact the best and surest way to install custom firmware is using this guide’s section on making a pandora battery but to make a solid pandora memory stick use:

    this guide on youtube. worked amazing after my memory stick wouldnt work using this procedure.

    the guide helped me install CFW 3.71mm3 and then using the network update feature i upgraded my firmware to the latest custom firmware :D :D peace guys

  25. Rampage says:

    I’ve installed 3.90 M33-3 without any problems based on the documentation provided.
    But when I tried running most games, it won’t work, “game could not be started” 8002032.

    How do I fix it?

  26. ScrappyCoco says:

    Hello Len,

    Any idea if this guide would also work with a PSP-2004 silver platinum edition, or any hints on what i have to do differently in order to get it to work?

    i mean i am sure i can do this, especially with your guide which i find very well written compared to other guides and also, this is the first one with which i think i could work with without destroying anything :)

    therefore i just wanted to check if anything is different or impossible with the 2004 model compared to the 2001.

    hope you can help me with this…since i am new to it, but am really interested in customizing my psp on my own.

    thanks in advance!

  27. ScrappyCoco says:

    Ok after reading some more on some german forums and reading other peoples experiences with this, i just gave it a shot on my 2004 model.

    it worked perfectly with this guide, everything went as planned!!!

    so thanks a lot Len for writing this, i will refer to this guide if people ask me how i did it ;)


    i have the same problem with some homebrew applications.
    from what i’ve read, some need the kernel 1.5 which many people say should NOT be installed on a slim…
    maybe there ways to get these apps to run anyway, but i didn’t get that far yet, i’m still too excited about all this, now that i got the cfw on my slim, hehe.

    greetings from germany!

  28. Eric says:

    Hi len
    First off great guide. i like that its so easy to understand and VERY clear. so i did everything you mentioned. i have a PSP slim Daxter bundle and am running OFW 3.95, made a hard mod battery which when i put it in the green light comes on with a black screen to it. I made a MMS via PSP grader V5 on my 1 GIG Sony pro duo stick. I placed my MMS in the PSP and then the Battery holding the L bumper and got nothing. It doesnt seem to want to load. i am using XP and i will try it on vista too. i then thought it might be a blind install but my psp doesnt read the card at all, no lights or anything. what do u reccomend i do next?

  29. Eric says:

    OMG i nearly crapped my pants. IT WORKED FLAWLESSLY ON VISTA!!!!!! My version of xp is not a real one and i think thats why it didnt work. i have tried everything from manual MMS creation to the Totalnewbi MMS maker. and nothing worked. you are a life saver!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! I am telling everyone to use this it is much eaiser!!!!

  30. mario says:

    it works!!!!


  31. johnny says:

    Hey Len,
    Great and very easy to follow tut.
    But i do have one quick question before i try this on my PSP…
    With the Pandora’s battery, is it possible to switch it back to a normal battery afterwards..
    to avoid purchasing a new battery specifically for doing this once lol

    Thanks alot :)

  32. johnny says:

    LOL nvm… just read the conclusion:)
    Man you went into amazing detail!
    i just want to say thank you VERY much:)

    thanks again!

  33. Len says:

    Hi Rampage,
    If you haven’t done so already, please try changing your UMD driver option to “M33 Driver -NO UMD-”. The instructions for this are in step 8 on this page. Please let me know if that works for you.

    Hi ScrappyCoco, great name. Just saw You Don’t Mess with the Zohan last night. Not Adam Sandler’s best movie but it has its moments.
    Very glad you were successful with this tutorial and the PSP-2004 model. Thank you for posting your experience.

    Hi Eric,
    Just glad you enjoyed this tutorial and were able to get your MMS working properly. That is a bit strange that it would work correctly under Vista but not XP. I wonder if there was a problem with the .NET Framework on your XP system. Just not sure if that would explain why the other methods of MMS creation did not work. It is good to know that the Sony 1G Memory Stick will work since other people have had problems similar to yours. Hopefully they can try PSP Grader on a Vista system to see if that fixes their problems too. Thank you very much for posting your experience and very happy that you didn’t actually crap your pants.

    Hi Mario,
    You are welcome. Happy it works.

    Hi Johnny,
    Glad you enjoyed the tutorial and were able to already find your answer. Please note that as long as you have a bootable memory stick in your PSP, you can keep the battery as “Pandora”. Just in case you ever need to re-enter service mode, it is good to have the Pandora battery available.

  34. mario says:

    Hey Len,

    when i turn it off for the first time after the M33-2 firmware install, my psp doesn’t turn back on, the green power light comes and stays on nothing else happens

    help please!

  35. Len says:

    Hi Mario,
    Did you install install 3.90M33-3? I am not sure if you said M33-2 by accident. If it does not turn back on, please try one of the following:
    - Remove the service battery and use the A/C adapter to power-on the PSP.
    - If you still use the service battery, ensure the bootable memory stick is still inserted.
    - Try reflashing the PSP.
    Please let me know how it goes.

  36. Eric says:

    hi len, another update,… just for fun i tried it on another xp computer w/ SP2 and it also worked, but on 2 other vistas i had mixed results. the 32 bit one worked fine the 64 bit one did not. this was in addition to the one i did on MY 32 bit vista pc. dont ask me why the 64 bit one didnt work. thought you would be interested to know. oh they were all done via my 1 gig sony pro duo stick. thanks again.

  37. Len says:

    Hi Eric,
    Very interesting results. Personally, I would recommend avoiding Vista 64-bit in general. I was using it for a bit and had lots of issues relating to the 64-bit OS. I now run Vista 32-bit and have much fewer problems, aside from Vista being disappointing in general. Thank you for the information – I’m sure people will find it very useful!

  38. Mario says:


    i did install 3.90 M33-3 and is there a way that doesn’t require using the ac adapter to power on the psp everytime then insert the battery. is it possible to restore a service battery to normal?

  39. Len says:

    Hi Mario,
    Yes, you can convert the service battery back to normal. You can also use the service battery in combination with a bootable memory stick for normal functionality. Please read the conclusion page for a more details.

  40. Kishi says:

    thank you very much for a well written and thorough guide. This is the best guide that I have seen and the only one that I have read that properly explains why my pandora battery turned on as soon as I inserted it and that holding down the L key to boot from external source. These were the only two things I was missing!

    Because this guide was written so well I was able to work out that making the boot image from my genuine Sony 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo did not work. When I used an older SanDisk 256MB MSPD it worked.

    Thank you again for the excellent guide

  41. Lewis says:


    Worked exactly as described. Cheers for the best psp “howto” on the net. Ive had a bit of a struggle until i found this site.

    So just to let you know what i had originally, and it worked just fine.

    PSP slim & lite 2003
    Sandisk memory card 2GB
    Datel service tool battery (incase i broke my own) @ approx £11
    OFW 4.05
    Windows Vista

    I think that pretty much covers it really.

    Cheers again Len, much appreciate the help.

  42. Mick says:

    Thanks Len!!! You are the greatest!!

  43. Joe says:

    I tried creating the bootable memory stick with a “SONY Memory Stick PRO Duo 4GB” which stated in the PSP as “MagicGate: Supported”. However this did not work, the PSP did not boot up into service mode and did not boot up using the memory stick.

    But when I tried another memory stick, an another “SONY Memory Stick PRO Duo 4GB” but this one was stated in the PSP as “MagicGate: Unknown”. When using this “MagicGate: Unknown” memory stick it worked. I followed the steps of this tutorial word for word.

    I hope my comment helps someone who has the same problem as me. Try another memory stick and good luck.

    Thank You for the tutorial!! Good Job!! Best one out there!!

  44. Gustavo says:

    hey len,

    what sorts of damages and problems might this cause my psp

  45. BatKalo says:

    Excellent HowTo this is only way to downgrade from owf 4.05 Everything is explained in detail and very precisely.


  46. Alex says:

    damn! thanks len :] everything worked perfectly the first time through!
    (just thought i say so, since i havn’t seen any success sttories up there :])
    thanks alot man!

  47. Rory says:

    I’m using a psp 2003 with OFW 4.05 and everything was going fine until booting from my magicgate 2gb memory stick pro duo. When I insert the battery the green light comes on but nothing happens no matter how long I hold down L. Is there anything I can do now? I’m using windows XP but I dont see how that would be a problem for writing a file to the memory stick. The guide was really good by the way. Just a shame my psp is being weird.

  48. fatice says:

    I have used 2Gb sony (magicgate: supported) and it worked fine with PB. But my 4Gb (magicgate: supported) on the other hand does not even recognized by the PSP. I have to insert the 2Gb to start the PSP and swap it out when the PSP is running. Otherwise, if the PSP is started with the 4Gb inside, it gives a black screen.

    Mine is a PSP phat with 3.90 M33-3
    Sony 2Gb stick (nothing printed at the back of the stick, but PSP shows magicgate supported)
    Sony 4Gb stick (does not work on PSP). It has all the info printed at the back, e.g. sn, made in japan….Also, it gives Magicgate supported in PSP)

  49. BatKalo says:

    I had same problem. And solution is use only Pandora memory sticks. I think pandora battery try to boot from memory stick and when can’t find bootable one – black screen. I formatted all my sticks whit psp grader.

  50. fatice says:

    I also format and make the 4Gb Sony stick to MMS with card reader, digital camera, all method failed. Tried to boot to the stick by holding down the L button while the PB is inserted, it also failed. The last time I tried was started the PSP with the 2Gb stick and swap it out with my 4Gb stick. The memory stick reading light was keep flashing non stop. Despite of that, I formatted the stick with the PSP. I can read the blank memory stick now. But it still gives blank screen if I start the PSP with the 4Gb stick.

    I will try to change the PB to normal and test the 4Gb stick again.

  51. Mick says:

    hey len. I’ve finished the whole tutorial already thanks plenty!!! but i have one more question if u dont mind. I have a 2 GB memory stick, is it possible for me to switch it with a 8Gb memory stick? or will i have to buy another battery and do the whole process over again? Hope to hear from u soon! thanks.

  52. TellusE says:

    Hey. Thanks a LOT for the tut. Among the many out there this one at least gave me an option without an already hacked PSP and with a great sense of security :-) Allow me to jot down some notes about this past week as I attempted to hack the PSP. I think having some pre-researched material in one place might help more people without success on the first run. I know it’s quite a lump of information, but I’d personally prefer this lump to searching several sites on the web for proper information and ending up going in circles.

    Try, as best is possible, to determine the version of PSP in use. All phats are, as I understand, easy as pie to hack. Slims come in tougher and tougher varieties, and for most part I thought I had ended up with one of the new with a TA-88v3 motherboard (so far unhackable). Dark Alex (the man behind the CFW used here) notes in his blog a few pointers regarding this. It’s just good to know where you stand before trying to hack it. I was desperately seeking alternate solutions to my fictitious mobo problem until this post emerged. Backtracking, I figured my PSP could at latest have been a TA-88v2 (I had 3.90 installed at purchase). If you have a TA-88v3 you might as well postpone any attempts till Dark Alex (or someone else) manages to hack it. The two other TA-88 models are incompatible with the TimeMachine IPL used in PSP Grader (the one recommended here). You could try your luck with PSP Pandora Deluxe v3. It incorporates Dark Alek’ newest version of DC, which fixes problems experienced on the TA-88 line of mobos (TimeMachine uses code from firmware versions 1.50 and 3.60, both of which are unsupported on the new PSP CPU). Although PSP Pandora Deluxe warns against the package’s use on a non-hacked PSP, I consider it an alternative parrallel to PSP Grader and should work in much the same way. I can’t confirm this, it’s simply an assumption based on the two programs’ similar way of working.

    Secondly, make note of possible OS problems. As noted by other comments, some OS’s may cause problems. For most of my attempts I was trying with a Vista 64. PSP Grader does not report the failed formatting attempts the subroutine may experience and thus you’d know nothing of it. Using XP 32-bit provided proper formatting of the memory stick for me. Get a hold of mspformat.exe from the net and experiment using it on your memory stick – it will return various messages, pointing to success or failure. If your system setup succeeds in the format (i.e. the program does not return read/write errors during format and manages to return a success message on format and move) my bet is you can use the system for the rest of the procedure. Take note that mspformat.exe is just one small program in the line of hacking tools, but my general experience was that without the properly formatted stick, my PSP would just drone on without reading from the stick with the service battery inserted.

    A few final points. Although I can’t prove them, I believe them to hold substance.
    1. Mess around with your memory stick all you want. If something seems wrong, format it and try again. You will need a sector before the primary data space (250kilobytes or so, mspformat.exe handles this automagically) where the IPL is injected. People wanting to try this manually could use msinst.exe to inject the IPL into this sector. I have been unable to find properly documentet IPL’s on the net (although an msipl.bin seems to flourish. I have no idea what makes it special.).
    2. As I see the whole process, anything can be reversed as long as you can succesfully enter a recovery mode on the PSP (which is required to even mess things up in the first place if you follow this guide to the letter). Thus, if something goes wrong halfway through, it should be possible to try again or even give up and reverse the changes without damage to the PSP. Messing around with the NAND could give you heaps of trouble, though. Having a friend with a hacked PSP should be a catch-all solution here, as they can format your memory stick using DC v6 to make the most up-to-date stick for use.

    I’ve been jotting this down as I came to think of the most important points. I felt like giving something back to the simplicity and usefulness of this guide. I’ll follow the comments and if anything pops up for me I’ll try and answer best as can. This was also my first hack, but things seem to make sense and fall into place after you succeed. Again. Thank you :-)

  53. fatice says:

    >>I will try to change the PB to normal and test the 4Gb stick again.

    Just tried the 4Gb stick with a normal battery. It works.

    That means, the genuine Sony 4Gb stick cannot be use together with PB, regardless whether it is used as MMS or normal MS. But the 2Gb version works.

  54. Pspsharez says:

    It worked! Psp Slim 3.85 Official was modded with this tutorial. Be careful, if you spark it and smell something, you might get cancer. j/k ;) just be careful in the cutting process where the chip is.

  55. Yume says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this amazing guide. I spent hours upon hours looking through other sites and thought I had bricked my psp using their methods. Your guide not only let me turn my psp back on but I can finally use the M33 version. Thank you so much!

  56. kofi says:

    this is the best material i got on psp cfw. the rest really dont explain what you are doing to the system . this does and i am grateful.

    i can now send my for cfw with no fears

    thanks man

  57. kofi says:


    can a pandora battery be made without opening up a psp battery?
    wiki says it could be done.

    i know some come pre-made but all the vids on youtube show the battery being opened.

  58. TellusE says:

    Pandora’s batteries come in three varieties: the two you mentioned (opened and store-bought) as well as batteries softmodded by an already hacked PSP. Newer PSP slim models don’t allow this softmodding operation, so even if you get a hold of one that’s already been hacked, there’s no guarantee it can handle the operation. The versions capable of the softmod are slims with motherboards TA-85v1 or below. Gathering the PSP that you’ll be using for the softmod is already hacked, you can run PSPident to identify your version to check for any problems.
    People recommend official Sony batteries for the softmod (some third party batteries seem to be having some fault in the EEPROM on the battery). Most commonly on the sites I found, people would recommend you use your original PSP battery as the pandora, and buy yourself a new one with better capacity for regular use.

    As for the actual modding, I’d recommend Dark_Alek’s own program, Despertar del Cementerio, although any PSP homebrew capable of making the batterys hould be sufficient.
    Yes, I realise I’m making a severely biased pointing towards Dark_Alek’s work, but the source is solid, and he’s been a steady force behind the hacking scene, so I’d trust him, personally.

  59. Len says:

    Hi Mick, if you use a different memory stick, you will either need to turn that memory stick in to a bootable one with PSP Grader or convert your battery back to normal so it boots directly from the PSP firmware. Please check the conclusion page for more information.

    Hi Kofi, it is possible to “soft-mod” a regular battery in to a pandora battery but you require a pre-modded phat PSP. If you know someone who already has one, that is great. Otherwise, you will need to buy a pre-made pandora battery or make your own.

    I’m very happy for all the people leaving positive comments and sharing their experiences. Thank you all very much.

  60. TellusE says:

    I see my previous post came up fine. Disregard this one :-)

  61. YU says:

    Hey this guide was a great help I’ve modded two of my psp’s so far. Unfortunately I reformatted my magic memory stick and my friend wanted me to mod his psp but the memory stick stick will not boot up I’ve been using the same program to recreate the magic memory stick but unfortunately it will still won’t boot up. If you could give some tips on how to get this memory stick to work again I would appreciate it.

    Len Reply:

    Hi YU,
    If your friend’s PSP doesn’t like your memory stick, it is possible that his PSP is newer and the memory stick needs to be created with PSP Grader v006 or perhaps it doesn’t like that particular memory stick. You can try booting your own PSP off the memory just to be sure it still works.

  62. Srujan says:

    thanks a lot !! :)

  63. asrael88 says:

    is my psp useless. I have a psp slim daxter edition and i have tried countless times to install cfw on it .Every goes well until i put my datel tool battery . i press the l bumper the menu comes up but it just freezes and no matter how many times i try i cant this last step done please help me out

    TellusE Reply:

    Hey asrael88

    The Daxter Edition should be one of the first Slim models ever released. It should definitely be hackable. Could you try to describe how your PSP locks up after trying to mod it? After watching the text scrolling through my PSP for a few minutes, I thought it had locked up too, until I realised the screen didn’t update properly. Looking at the few top lines of the screen the flash had actually succeeded and waited for me to press X.

    So if it locks up, try to press X “when” it locks up. If that doesn’t work, try explaining the reaction so we can think about it :-)

  64. amir says:

    will cfw work on a psp slim model 2003?

    TellusE Reply:

    Hey amir

    The 200x (2001, 2002, etc) simply denotes which region your Slim model comes from. Unfortunately, if can’t be directly connected to the version of motherboard. Can you remember when you bought the PSP and perhaps what the original firmware installed on it was (2.71, 3.5, anything before you started to update it)? With a few pointers we should be able to establish a probable motherboard without prying it open.
    If nothing else, you can try this guide out and see if the Pandora/Jigkick battery and memstick manages to boot up your PSP in service mode. No harm should come to your PSP by trying that (if it’s incompatible it should plain off just refuse to boot/show anything). Remember to backup your memstick in any case, though.

    amir Reply:

    i think it was was 3.90, not sure.

    TellusE Reply:

    I’d say yes, then. Storebought new I got a PSP with firmware 3.90. Although it’s not a guarantee, chances are quite good yours could be hacked without too much trouble.
    If it’s used that just adds to age, thus motherboard, thus increasing chances of an easy hack :-)

    Do try the guide and see where you end up :-)

  65. amir says:

    i think it was 3.80 – 3.90. i brought it a few months ago. it is a used console. if that helps

    amir Reply:

    im thinking it was 3.91

  66. zaiko says:

    Hay, I fallow you instruction every step, from word to word…..just one thing to say……………YOU ARE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Len Reply:

    Thanks zaiko, glad you enjoyed the tutorial.

  67. RKB says:


    Len Reply:

    Thanks RKB. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial.

  68. kaustubh says:

    i want to upgrade my psp to 4.01 now i am using 3.90 and san disk 2gb memory card and normal battery. i have dowloaded 4.01 on my pc then what to do next?

    TellusE Reply:

    Hey kaustubh.
    Quick question. Is your PSP already hacked or are we talking about hacking an official 3.90 PSP firmware to a hacked 4.01?

  69. SUSEJ-JESUS says:


    wat if one were to have a blue madden psp with ofw 4.01?

    will this still work?


    cause i think i might have just that……. =(

  70. somedude says:

    hey len
    thanks for the great tutorial. i have a quick question. is the new metallic blue psp(2008) hackable? it is the one with beats download voucher,madden 09,madden:quick play video, and a 1gig sony memstick. it would be great if i could get an answer. thanks

  71. TellusE says:

    In response to the two posts above (SUSEJ-JESUS and somedude), I’m still trying to find a definitive answer. Like before it would really help if you can say something about the original Firmware that each your units shipped with. 3.90 and around there should still be safe.
    In the meanwhile I managed to find a new small application from Dark_Alek. It’s labelled as a TA-088v3 identifier. The guide they refer to is unfortunately in Spanish, so I’m out of luck on that side. Babelfish offered a reasonable gist of the message here.
    It boils down to downloading the file in the top link, then using MSPFORMAT to prepare a memory for hacking (as with regular hacking) and MSINST to inject an IPL in the start of the memory stick. The process is a half-way done hack, so to speak. It helps you determine whether it’s even possible to hack your PSP.
    Check out the second link and see if you can get yourself some enlightenment :-) The only thing you could risk by that procedure is wiping your memory stick. The applications and hacks run are, as I can tell, not built to modify anything.

  72. Tonious says:

    Hey Len,

    I just got a new PSP, the PSP-2001 I believe the model is, piano black. I have a 2 gig sandisc card I’m using to make the magic memory stick and one of those blue LED batteries where you can switch it between pandora and regular battery mode. Well, I followed the guide but when I was making the memory stick I couldn’t get PSP Grader to take 3.90 OFW. But it would take 4.01 OFW, weird eh? I kept getting a “no valid bootload” error message. So anyway, I made the magic memory stick with that version and when I try popping it in no matter what I do the only thing that happens is the green LED comes on and nothing else. I’m at a total loss, been messing with this for a week now, trying all kinds of different websites and what not. Have 3 memory cards, tried using different programs to make the magic memory stick but the end result is still the same. I turn it off, pop in the memory stick, then pop in the battery in pandora mode and the green led comes on and nothing else. Am I SOL, do I have one of those motherboards that can’t be hacked? ;_; Or is it the battery I bought online? I HATE the idea of having to cut open my battery and mod it. Any information is greatly appreciated, I’m at the breaking point now. >_<

  73. Gamecrzy1i says:

    I HAVE(HAD) SLIM V.4.05

  74. Nilesh says:

    hey Len,

    I have a psp fat, which was on version 1.50 i didn’t relise n updated to the OFW version 4.05
    I was wondering will your steps and procedures work for my psp fat n will a sony 4gb memory card
    work for the bootable files.

  75. spslim&lite2004 says:

    i had read all forrum but i didnt see any more reply about problem of light turned on automatically but when hold L nothing passed only screen black with the light turned on. i had use a pin sony s110 for slim&lite and a memory pro dou stick 4G origine.
    any one know about what wrong with my problem please help me. if u can please sent a guide to my email
    thanks alots thanks

  76. darren says:

    len i started my mod following the direction on youtube before i stumbled across your fourm and it instructed me to remove the whole chip the one closest to were you made your cut is this an issue ? when i put the batt back in the green light comes on but the screen doesent do u think this is the batt or the mem stick?

  77. jr says:

    i usually dont leave comments but. u da man!
    it works like a charm. thank you so much.
    i just hated the part about breaking the battery open.

  78. kevin says:

    I did not yet boot my psp still waiting for it to charge but id like to thank you ahead of time for the grait tutorel and im pretty sure it will work good. These are what im using psp-2000 sereis, ofw-4.05, sandisk memory stick 2gb. And I thank you agian ill post to lit you know if it worked. hee hee im so exsitted

  79. jamesd says:

    hey len,
    great tutorial, but when i put the modded battery in whith the magic card while pressing l, the screen stayed black but the light came on. I have a psp slim on offical 5.01 firmware and a 1 gig sony memory card. What am i doing wrong?

  80. ahmad44 says:

    i have a problem, i did everything i was told on the site but when i get to the third step the screen remains black and nothing happens. i think it might have to do with the fact that i have psp2001 star wars edition.

  81. jamesd says:

    i fixed my problem, psp grader v.005 does not work to make the mms. I have the star wars edition psp slim too and it can be hacked. Look for other ways to try making the magic memory card, try go to the comment where the guy gives the instructions.

  82. Kyle says:

    Hi Len,
    Can i do this with my PSP-1003 it is a fat PSP. In fact i have 2 Fat PSP’s. One is fully bricked and the other i want to put cfw on. i am running 5.01 official update on my working PSP does this mean if i put the 4.01 cfw on will it brick? can cfw unbrick my other PSP? please write back soon.


  83. sean says:

    hey im new to this and i was wondering if ths wrks for 3.95ofw and can i just use a pandora’s battery tht i will bye or do i have to open my own battery great tut tho nd i have a slim psp aswell also what is the best cfw tht i can get or do they all do the same thing and how do i put on homebrew and app’s

  84. alex says:

    hi everyone…
    i bought a PSP-2004 PB and i have a 4g Memory Stick PRO Duo MagicGate
    is it hackable?
    thx in advance

  85. PSP 2001 says:

    I had the same problem.

    What I used:
    -PSP Slim 2001
    -Sandisk Memory Pro Duo
    -Datel Pandora (purchased)

    What needs to be done:
    -Use Sandisk memory stick
    -Official Sony memory stick DOES NOT WORK
    -This guide is slightly outdated thus the new PSP Grader v6 has a new interface. But instructions after bootup are clear.

    New PSP grader v6 instructions:
    1-Download official 4.01 link-
    2-Launch PSP Grader v6
    3-Load the eboot 4.01 you downloaded
    4-select “left trigger” under (Select trigger button)
    5-Select your memory stick drive
    6-Click “Create pandora stick”

    Now insert the SANDISK memory, then hold L as you insert the pandora battery.
    The setup will come up. You should be able to work from there.
    Have fun :)

  86. Pitajai says:

    I have tried everything even from psp 2001, but it just doesn’t seem to work. I have the Piano Black PSP 2001. It doesn’t reset to Service mode. Please help

  87. sean says:

    answer my question plz

  88. PSP desesperate says:

    I have done all what is in the tutorial the pandora battery is working fine but,the flashing part doesnt work I already download the grader v005 and make the magic memory stick with the original memory of the package.Whe I press the L-button(including for one hour) the black and white screen doesnt appear.
    What I can do?My PSP is a 2001 the original firmware was 3.80 and I stupidly update my PSP to the oficial firmware 5.01.

  89. Mats N says:

    Thanks for this superb tutorial. It took me 20 minutes to complete the flashing – although the googling, studying and reading took far more…

    I flashed a PSP-2004 which was bought June 2008 with factory installed OFW 3.95.

    Again, thanks for a good piece of work dude!

    / Mats, Sweden

  90. wulf says:

    hey buddy I dont know what magic you have but I have the exact same psp 2001 star wars imited edition at least 1 year old came with 1.5 firmware installed. battery specs and 4 gb scandisk mem exactly as yours followed your instructions to a T. same results as it seems virtually every one here black screen at load up. could this be a result of this process as it relates to version 5.02 firmware I stupidly updated by accident? what version were you using when you did this? thanks for the excellent tutorial just obviously dissapointed by this having the exact same specs for every part of your method with negative result.

  91. Steph says:

    Hey Len !

    I really want to thank you for this great tutorial. I installed the custom firmware on my first PSP yesterday evening and everything went very well. I still need to install it on my second PSP but I assume that everything should go fine.

    FYI, I was afraid of manipulating the orginal battery that came with my PSP so I ordered that kit and received everything in good condition within 12 days.

    Thanks again !

    Steph ,Canada

  92. john evans says:

    I had a psp slim fw ver 5.00 I followed your instructions and it now says after a further update 5.00 m33-4 and everything functions ok but I can’t get the the m33 recovery menu to appear I tried holding down the right shoulder button when switching on but to no avail any idea what the problem could be .

    DV8 Reply:

    Hi John! Have you tried to hold both Buttons at startup it might work because I screwed up with my first intallation following some cryptic followtrought from another psp wellknown hacksite and somehow it didn’t work since I could find any way to boot it up I’ve tried a combination of key to hold on startup
    the one’s who brought me to recovery menu were holding both buttons L + R simultaneously or strangely the Left direction key but all in normal battery mode.

    LEN It was very enlighting this tutorial.Thanks a lot. Hats down to you. You SAVE MY DAY ! And i’m sure to many others as well. Have nice Holiday Time in this rough time

    Correct me Len If i understood well you can still recover the Eprom even if you do not have access to the PSP by reformatting (Install and Everything to the Memory stick) via the PC (USB Card Reader) and then boot Up the PSP on Power on. One thing I didn’t see anything at the End of your tutorial saying that you have to put back your Battery in original Mode (Retracing the PCB with a Pencil or Soldering Back the Pin for the Ones who cut it). Maybe I miss the thing I will chek again.

    And Thanks Again!


    PS It remind me the Amiga Community when it was still existing (if you’re old enough to know this computer LOL : )

    DV8 Reply:

    Sorry Len About the Battery in Original Mode Got it in The Conclusion Paragraph! Thanx Again!

  93. john evans says:

    Hello again. I now seem to have solved the problem with the m33 menu ,perhaps this might help somebody else. If I switch the PSP on and keep holding the button until it switches itself of then hold the right shoulder button while switching it on again then the m33 menu comes up seems to work almost every time now.Thanks for great instructions and help with this .Thanks Len and merry xmas

  94. Justin says:

    Thanks for the guide… Having previously modded a fatty PSP, I balked when I saw you had the part about taking apart the battery, but after a little research saw that it was the only way to do it with a slim PSP!

    btw, everything seems to be working fine so far with my battery with the cut rail, is there any reason to “repair” it?

    Justin Reply:

    ah, didn’t see the conclusion section. Guess I need that memory card in there to boot. Think I’ll get a “fat” battery, and keep this one as a backup/pandora one. Thanks so much for the guide, it was very easy to follow.

  95. JEMAI says:

    HELP!! i cant go through step number 2 in flashing my psp :(

    i followed the guide but when i hold L and put my battery in place… waited for minutes… NOTHING HAPPENS :(

    help help help. asap. heeeeeelp

  96. SHADED says:


  97. Archer says:

    Hi read through ur article and found it a very impressive and informative piece of editing well done…My question is :- Will this work on the phat(Fat) PSP? my son has one and my son in law has one so i need to do both and both are Phat PSPs I have the memory stick as per edit above and i have purchased a Pandora battery online weather i need the memory stick or not i dont know i would assume so or does the Pandora carry the nessessary files i need???? being a newbie at this i thought i would ask for a bit of advice.

    Many thanks for ur time and ur superb tutorial

    Archer <}

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    hi Archer, you will need to download an application called RainMMS, it is an application used to turn your memory stick into a “magic memory stick” which will allow you to boot with your PSP Pandora battery that you ordered, and to use the RainMMS application, you will be required to download the official Sony firmware, or EBOOT.PBP files. any questions write to me at

    ElfKing Reply:

    Just an FYI concerning CFW on a phat PSP 1001 and this tut. I got it to work by following step/part 1, then moved to to do step/part 2, then back here to do the final step/part 3. I started out with official firmware 5.02 (OFW), after step/part 3 had custom firmware 3.90 M33 (CFW), and then, through thePSP network upgrade went to 5.00 M33 CFW. Since the pins were very small on the chip in question, I un-soldered the 3.6 volt cell first, and put it back when all was said and done so as to save my only “battery”. The Memory Stick I used came out of my wife’s Sony Camera (1 Gig PRO Duo – magicgate official SONY) and of course was still usable and put back in the camera when done. All that came with the used PSP was the tiny 32 Meg one. This custom upgrade/hack cost nothing but some time. Thanks, thanks

  98. qwikrazor87 says:

    anyone need help with installing custom firmware on to the PSP Slim? any questions? my email is

  99. daxter bundle psp 2001 says:

    can i hack mine and will a 32mb stick work

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    yes you can hack you PSP-2001 model, i have the same PSP that you do, and i have three custom firmwares installed with “Time Machine” which was created by Dark Alex. and if you want to play a lot of games that you can download, i suggest that you buy a memory stick with more space because most downloaded games are bigger than 32 MB, just make sure that you don’t buy the official Sony memory sticks, you should buy the SanDisk memory stick Pro Duo. If you have any question just write to me at my email, which is

  100. Chris Arnold says:

    Hey len, ive got a different situation from everyone else. im reading your comments and they all sound positive towards your guide which makes me feel safer about trying it. BUT ive already got a magic memory stick from but the battery they sent me is for a FAT and ive got a PSP2001 which they dont have custom firmware for yet. so i wanna go thru with your guide but im not sure if me already having a magic memory stick and firware upgraded to 5.02 (from the sony psp software) is going to affect anything in the process. what do you think? id love a reply back, im sure answering everyones questions gets frustrating in some ways but ive found NOONE else who has had such good feedback. thanks len, hope to hear from you soon. :) or email me at “”

  101. AA PSP says:

    i have one question about the service tool battery, i bought it today. when i put my battery in psp it automatically turns on but it doesnt do anything. i pressed every button like x and start. the screen stays black and thats it. what do i doplease help me……….

  102. AA PSP says:

    i have a psp1003

  103. Ricky says:

    Hi Len,

    I’ve tried modifying psp slim using Pandora battery and memory stick (using pandora deluxe). will this work with PSP2001 that ships with v4.01 ofw? Is this something to do with the motherboard of the psp? I can only see black screen and i followed your step by step procedure except that i use pandora deluxe instead of grader. Is there any difference with this two apps? Please advise soon! thank you in advance

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    Hey Ricky, i suggest that you use “Rain’s MMS Maker”. It’s works great, you have to make sure that you don’t have the Sony Memory Stick, because it will not work. I have a PSP 2001, and I used my SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo to install cfw onto my PSP. If you have any questions my email is

  104. Bicemacka says:

    Did this on my psp2004, worked like a charm!

    Netupdated too 5.00 right away.

    Sweet guide and really sweet custom fw!


  105. thane says:

    what do i do? i have a psp version 5.01 (the latest version to my knowledge) and it doesnt tell me anywhere how to unbrick it to get the homebrew games and the such. and i feel like an idiot cause it was like version 2.00 and i knew nothing about it and i upgraded it all the way to the latest version… great.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I bought a pandora battery and created the magic memory stick using this guide, so i inserted the memory stick in my psp and then the battery, but nothing happens. the screen doesnt change from black. could somebody help me? please

  107. qwikrazor87 says:

    Hi, if anyone needs my help, or if you have any questions about customizing your PSP, than I want you to write to me at my emai but it would be a whole lot better if you used Yahoo Messenger to chat with me for faster responses.

  108. qwikrazor87 says:

    Hi, if anyone needs my help, or if you have any questions about customizing your PSP, than I want you to write to me at my email but it would be a whole lot better if you used Yahoo Messenger to chat with me for faster responses.

  109. Mark says:

    Hi Len,

    I’m working on a friends PSP Slim 2001 for him and I cant get the CFW on it.
    I’ve already done my PSP FAT, and i’ve done a Silver Jack and Daxter PSP Slim, as well as a Black one. I’ve done new ones, old ones, and used the same Pandora battery for a year.

    So I take that battery and insert it on my FAT PSP and it boots up after creating my magic mem stick, just fine, and gives me the options on my fat psp. Mind me, that its hacked.

    So when i do the same thing on the PSP 2001 it doesnt work. And it has in the past. Have you experienced anything like this? It sits at a black screen, which seems to be a common complaint, but I’ve done this many times and never had this happen before.

    Anonymous Reply:

    hey i am having the same problem with my slim psp 2001. I created the magic memory stick using a sony memory card i bouth at target. and i bouth the pandora battery, so when i insert the memory stick, and the battery, the screen just stays black.

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    yeah, i have the same problem with my brothers PSP Slim 2001, the problem might be that there’s some minor physical damage done to it, i don’t know what the problem could be.

  110. Gordie says:

    hey i have problem with my psp…i bought the madden package…and i have firmware 3.95 on there….i made the memory stick and battery. Wen i put the battery in no green light comes up…and my battery still works…ive tried it many times…still nothing…anyone help please!!?

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    Hey, what version is your PSP? is it PSP 2001, 2000, 3000? check on the bottom of your PSP, and make sure that you’re making the Pandora battery correctly, i think i read on some sites that the Blue Madden isn’t hackable, but i’m not sure.

  111. max says:

    hi, len
    I did the battery and the memory stick duo and when i put in the battery it lights up green(to show its on) but when i do step 2 and hold down L and put the battery in it just stays black

    psp info:
    Battery-3.6v 1200mAh SONY made in china
    model psp S110

    MEM STICK-4gb memory stick pro duo Mark 2 SONY

    PSP-sony psp 2000 (slim) piano black

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    hey Max, just to let you know, the 4GB memory stick pro duos will not work. you have to use something smaller and make sure it’s made by Sandisk. the 4GB mem pro duo doesn’t have enough reserved sector space to write down the pandora or time machine ipl’s.

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    Disregard the above reply, if you have the official 4Gb Sony memory stick pro duo, just use a modded PSP with PSP Tool Ver. 8 or later to format the memory stick so the memory stick will be able to be used as a magic memory stick.

  112. Gordie says:

    hey yea i have the psp 2001…i really wanna hack my madden psp :( HElp!!

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    hey Gordie, do you have yahoo or yahoo messenger? my email is well anyway, yes the blue madden PSP Slim 2001 can be hacked, you just need to make sure that you’re making the Pandora battery correctly. write to me for any other questions.

  113. Gordie says:

    hey i added u to msn..thanks…im pretty sure i made the pandora battery and MMS correctly.

    qwikrazor87 Reply:

    hey Gordie, i didn’t receive your request yet. can you send me your address on my email?

  114. Gordie says:

  115. Neil says:

    Mr Goldenstein,

    All I can say is you are a true superstar. After much confusion from many randon forums I stumbled upon your guide, I found it was very easy to follow and the pictures where to cut etc were most helpful.

    I did have a psp-2003 OFW 3.95 and I used a no name 1gb card.

    Marks out of 10 for your guide, I give you 12.


  116. Bhaskar says:

    Hey friend thanx i have also done it works thanx to you now i can mod psp 2004, psp 3004 , xbox 360, ps2,
    Now only ps3 is left which i am sure in future when these blue ray are cheap we can do them

    Vamshi Gupta Reply:

    Hey Bhaskar u wrote that this firmware had worked for ur PSP 3004… is it true ??? bcoz I do have PSP 3004 and till now everywhere the only thing I see on all the websites is PSP 3004 doesnt have CFW yet

    R!l3ySN0Tz Reply:

    Yeah Bhaskar,

    how’d you mod the PSP3004 man? If DAX hasn’t done it yet then U R GOD! Lemme know if wot ur sayin is true dude coz i need to do it myself!

  117. HappyGuy says:

    My PSP had previously official firmware 5.02.
    I have just done this tutorial with my PSP 2001 with PSPGrader_v008 and with the automatical download of official firmware 5.00 and it works fine!

    So glad, thanks a lot!

  118. Tommy says:

    Hi, i have a psp 2001Pb OFW 4.01 i need to know if i can install a CF because i am a noob xD

  119. Tyrell says:

    Hey i have a fat pandora battery i made the the bootable memory stick and when i put in my pandora battery it nothing happens except a green light on my psp with a blank screen what do i do??

  120. MARK says:

    Hey i have a fat pandora battery i made the the bootable memory stick and when i put in my pandora battery it nothing happens except a green light on my psp with a blank screen what do i do??

  121. john says:

    Hi len, can you tell me if its possible to use this guide on a psp 2003 with version 3.90 firmware??? thanks!!!

  122. manoj says:

    i have a psp slim has been modded and i have version 5.00 m33-6..
    i down loadmgame the internet and now..when i turn on the psp it freezes after the xmp.. i have to boot it by holding down the r key..even after deleting the game i am having this problem…the movies and camera functions work fine..its only when i try to play games it freezes.. someone told me abt pandora battery and say it will reflash the psp.. will that solve my problemm..please advize.. i am not very tecnical.. thanks again..

  123. Raymond says:

    Thanks so much for this guide, I was going insane trying to get mine to work. I used a hybrid Pandora/normal battery for this. Didn’t work for like 10 tries until i read the part saying to use 3.90 (i had 3.71)
    Felt really stupid when I noticed that, but thank you so much for the guide

  124. davinci 123 says:

    I put in the battery, holding L but nothing happens. can some one plese helpe me

    davinci 123 Reply:

    Some one help Same thin as above. I have all the requirements but for some reason when I get to the step where hold L AND Pop the battery in nothing happens. plese reply
    my e-mail

    davinci 123 Reply:

    I also found out that there are 2 hidden files on my memory stick. could this have something to do with the problem I have?

  125. davinci 123 says:

    PSP FIRMWERE 5.5 IS HACKABLE USING THIS GUIDE. I did it, the only different thing I used was psp grader 8

    Anonymous Reply:

    I get a blank screen and a green light when I hold the L button. I downloaded grader 8 and put 500 pbp on the memory stick, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. What else did you do? I have a pandora battery already, but I don’t think my memory stick is correct.

    davinci 123 Reply:

    When you use psp grader 8 does the IPL injection fail? because if it does parental controll or a firewall is blocking. if it does’t reply back and ill come up with another solution, because belive me I had ever problem when i was hacking my psp

    Zionk Reply:

    davinci 123, i too have the psp firmware 5.5 which i accidentally upgraded few days ago. Now i cant play the homebrew games. The year of my psp is 2006. Do u think it can be hacked?
    R u able to guide me? or give me some tips?

    davinci 123 Reply:

    Yes it can be hacked. Now the only different thing you need apart from this guide is psp grader 8 instead of 5 or whatever Len suggested. and also, do you have a fat psp? is you have a fat psp use this guide

  126. jimmy says:

    Hey do you at any time after flashing the internal memmory and after the m33 software is installed,do you need to put the normal battery back in?
    or should you just play the psp with the pandoras battery
    it doesnt say anywhere O.o

    davinci 123 Reply:

    I’m pretty You have to use the pandora battery. But if you have a psp slim, making a pandora battery isn’t that hard so you could just do it to a second battery

  127. sean says:

    i have a 1 gig sony mem pro duo and i have done all the steps and i still have a plain black screen with a green light WHAT THE FCK DO I DO I SOO AGRO ATM

    davinci 123 Reply:

    When you used the psp grader, did the ipl inject fail? If you don’t have Ipl holding the L trigger won’t work .If it did fail, you have to close down what ever fire wall or parental controll you have.

  128. sean says:


  129. sean says:

    ok i just done that davinci 123 but nothing happened

    davinci 123 Reply:

    Did you try injecting the Ipl again?. because if it was succesful something should happen when you hold L and pop the battery. To help you i need to know these thingh:
    What firmwhere do you have
    What model, and when you bought your psp. new or used and
    What psp grader your using.
    If you tell me these things I should be able to find out whats wrong
    Davinci 123

    sean Reply:

    i have firmware 3.95 ofw

    my dad brought it for me last year i think it is 2002 or 2001 and it was new

    psp grader 5

    and a sony mem pro duo 1 gig

    thax so much

    davinci 123 Reply:

    good news, It’s hackable. now what message comes up when you use psp grader. and do you have any type of fire wall or parental control? parentall control and fires wall can mess up ipl injections .I might be that you have an outdated version outdated psp grader. try getting 8. lastly, does you psp start up right when you pop in the battery, or do you have to turn it on.

  130. SEAN says:

    ok il try that but my laptop is getting taken off me soon cos i have to give it to my step bro but anyway i wil get the new pspgrader and when i put the battery in the green ight goes on automaticaly

    thanx again

  131. SEAN says:

    soory i cant get the new psp grader i can ony use the one ive got cos the internet is stuffing up on me sorry ill try some other time soon
    thanx anyway give me a couple of days
    then ill try again

  132. exia says:


    Ive jst got a psp slim 2003. ive tried some guides to hack(made a pandora out of my battery) it but no success. When i insert the pandora battery in my psp, it doesnt switch on automatically but when powered on it works as usual. I even upgraded from 3.95 to 5.03 to load a sofware named HEN..didnt work….any help would be appreciated

    thank you

  133. Anonymous says:

    i dont understand

    ive done the magic memory stick step correct coz it sed it was all done
    i got a pandora from my friend
    i put it into the slim after i put in the mm stick with holding the l button and all that happens is the power button turns green but the screen stays black

    what the hell is wrong with this?

  134. bryan says:

    hi i modded my psp fat battery and i created a magic memory stick but when i inserted the modded battery and the magic memory stick; the screen stays black even when i hold down the l button can anyone help please thanks!

  135. forever says:

    hey i did all this and i didn’t work and i completely followed every step for the memory stick and completely obliterated the battery at the 19 but my psp stil works as a normal psp and i cant access the service mode

  136. Anonymous says:

    this trick wont work. its valid for earlier versions of psp. try chickhenr2 to mod and it is capable to mod tav3, 3000 and 2004 version of psp

  137. Joe says:

    Thank you so much. You seriously have no idea how long I spent looking for a tutorial like this. It seems you are the only person on the internet that knows how to write a coherent step by step tutorial on CFW installation. Everything worked exactly how you described. THANK YOUUUUUUUUU :D DDD

  138. brian says:

    Before I customize I just wanna know if anyone has been able to boot and play Xenogears without any problems? That’s pretty much the only reason I’m interested in modding.

  139. king 5b9 says:

    hi this king5b9, i have psp 3004 with version 5.51 i want to downgrade or anything to play games iam dieing to play games for a month plz help me

  140. Zayn says:

    Hi, i was wondering if i followed all this on a PSP Slim & Lite but it is a model PSP-2003, Date Code 7D and the Seriel Number Starts With HB2?? will it wirk. Thanks

  141. Ryo says:

    I know this is kinda old but someone may be able to help. I follow this guide and I’ve successfully hacked my PSP. THANK YOU 100000% Lan!!! I just purchased my first PSP and I used this guide to hack it in less then 30 minutes!

    Everything works great……. except the “Network Update.”

    When I tried, it gives me a DNS error. I can browse the net so internet connection is fine.

    I searched on Google and some claim that the website the this M33 version points to is gone.

    Any ideas on how I can upgrade this thing any further?

  142. damdam says:

    hey..ummm…i got maybe a really stupid ques…i have a psp 3001 and its ver 6.20…would this guide help me??…or should i weep in my stupidity?? :(

  143. Ryo says:

    Ok nevermind… I found it. It’s here in case anyone is interested in it:

    With this 2 guides, I was able to update my used PSP 2001 from OFW 4.05 to CFW 5.00 M33-6.

    I guess I was just luck that I purchased a used PSP and it was completely upgradeable.

    I bought a 3rd party battery so I put aside the my self made Pandora battery just in case.

    Works great so far and am able to play FF 7 iso from my memory stock.

    Thank you again Len for this great guide (even if you’re not here to read it…)

  144. jaster says:

    I am really happy dat this worked for me imagine I had a 6.20 firmware. thanks alot man

  145. Jon says:

    HI, I’ve just bought a PSP Slim Model-3001. I am wondering if this works on a new model 3001 because i tried these steps but has not yet worked.

  146. Mr Gary Burns says:

    followed your description, however, downloaded the new psp grader v008, with 5.00 eboot included.
    all went well and transfered to sony 4gb magicgate memorystick. made a pandora battery.
    went to swith on, poer came on automatically, and doent swith off. Black screen and no change.
    Although when adding a normal battery all is normal, unsure where im going wrong.
    really like your advice and support.
    Gary Burns

  147. Qaiser Fareed Jadoon says:

    his is a nice post

    i have one question

    i am searching the internet from alst 5 days for making pandora battery and magic memory stick

    i am confused for only one point

    some one is saying to the cut pin 19 like you said and someone is showing that you cut the pin 5

    my psp is sony-2004 (white color) and my battery is sony lithium 1200 mah

    and i tried both (cutting the pin 19 first and then pin 5)

    but when i am inserting the battery nothing happens

    i am making the magic memory stick correctly

    thanks in advance

  148. Aliyu says:

    Thank you very very much i have been looking for a way to fix my psp 2000 all of a surden i came across this wonderful post man ur a guru.
    just saying thanks.
    Aliyu from Nigeria.