Step 1: Creating a bootable memory stick
Step 2: Creating a service tool battery
Step 3: Flashing the firmware

Congratulations for making it through this HOWTO.  I hope, if you chose to perform these steps, that everything was successful.  Your PSP now has quite a lot more functionality and customizable options than it did out of the box.

You can backup your original UMD games or movies to the memory stick for playback.  This makes data access times much faster from memory than from the UMD.  This will improve battery life since the motor and laser of the UMD drive do not need to be used.  This keeps your original UMD safe from damage and avoids wear on the sensitive moving parts in the UMD drive.

You can load homebrew applications on the PSP.  There is strong community of PSP developers that have created some excellent pieces of software.  Some of freely available software includes original games, emulators, VNC clients, PDA applications and much more.  I enjoy a Super Nintendo emulator called SNES9xTYL.

This HOWTO was written with the assumption of only using the battery that the PSP comes with and using a single general purpose memory card.  After the service mode battery and bootable memory stick have been created and used, it is possible to continue using these items in the PSP.  However, when using the service battery, it will always look for boot code on the memory stick.  You MUST keep your bootable memory stick in the PSP when using the service battery.  It’s really not a big deal since if you only have the one battery and one memory stick, chances are they will always stay in the PSP.  If you get a second memory stick and continue to use the service mode battery, you can use PSP Grader to make this a bootable memory stick as well.

Should you wish to convert the service battery back to a regular battery, you can fill-in the cut trace with a lead pencil.  This will re-connect the cut trace wire and the battery will be back to normal.  You can continue using the bootable memory stick with the normal battery since the normal battery will never check the memory stick for boot code.  The only problem is if you want to go back in to service mode, you will need to re-cut the trace again.

I’ve been using the service battery and bootable memory stick combination for regular usage for almost a month now and I’ve had no problems.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this HOWTO document.  If you have successfully followed this guide and installed custom firmware on your PSP, please leave a comment just so I know people are benefiting from this information.  I am open to all suggestions on how to improve this guide or to answer any questions that you might have.

On a final thought, this guide brings in to question the recently introduced (but not passed as law) Canadian DMCA bill.  This bill, should it be passed in to law, would make the circumvention of digital locks a crime carrying a maximum fine of $20,000.  Would this law make the information contained in this guide illegal?  Would cutting a trace wire on a battery that you paid for and own become a criminal act?  This would even imply that guitar picks and utility knives would have a questionable legal status since they can be used as tools for circumventing digital locks.  Quite ironically, the Canadian DMCA will allow for a single legal transfer of purchased content to a different form of media.  However the restrictions of digital locks make this “perk” completely un-realistic.  Where can a person draw a clear line of what is fair-use of their own property?

Please exercise your right to vote in the next election and stand up for what you believe in.

Thanks for reading!

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98 Responses to “Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Conclusion”
  1. Peter says:

    Wow, thanks for the HOWTO document it really helps out. This is what I have been looking for. Well, thanks for your help.


    kaldor Reply:

    hello. ncie tutorial. yesterday i buyed a psp slim and i am a pro noob and updated its firmware from net with 4.05 and now i cnat get the recovery mode. i got battery and boot memory stick. is there any way for downgrade? or do u know when the cfw 4.05 will be realised?

    ShadowFox Reply:

    THANKS A LOT! I had great success in hacking my psp slim. if this helps anyone, i hacked my Silver PSP Slim series 2001 on Official Sony Firmware 4.05. THANKS AGAIN

    Eric Moss Reply:

    I used this tutorial to mod my PSP 2000, and it works sweet!
    I love using my PSP so much more now! I’ve got most of my friends (who have PSPs) modding them now! Very good tutorial!

    Jim Wilson Reply:

    Very nice, After reading that CFW wasn not an option for the “PSP-2001″ it was nice to fine this easy to follow tutorial. I had already lifted the pin(following a previous tut suggesting the pin be cut.) caddy corner from the pin that you cut the trace on. If others want to do this with a soldering iron, they should use a good one. I used a 24V 60W set at 650F and very fine copper solder wick along with a needle to lift the pin with once the solder was removed.
    After the CFW install, I soldered the pin back using the same needle to keep it from springing back up until the solder was hard(a few seconds). I used .01 diameter flux core solder and a solvent cleaner to remove the flux. I installed the 3.90 M33-3 CFW in place of the 5.02 OEM firmware. Thanks again for putting everything in one place.

    Jim Wilson Reply:

    Oh, I used an 8GB sony MMSPD Magic Gate Mark2

  2. Len says:

    Hi Peter,
    Very glad you enjoyed the HOWTO document. I hope you were able to follow the steps and install the custom firmware on your PSP.

  3. J says:

    This is the only true easy guide on the net, so many people miss things that a novice such as myself could not possibly know. Good on you!!!


  4. adrian515 says:

    can i format my memory stick after i have put cfw on my psp slim?

  5. Len says:

    Hi Adrian,
    Yes, you can format your memory stick after the CFW is installed but you must use a regular battery or the AC adapter. If you continue to use a service mode battery, the PSP will check the memory stick for boot code. If none is found, the PSP will not boot until either a regular batter or AC adapter is used or you keep the boot code on your memory card.

  6. adrian515 says:

    well what i did was i drew back the #19 line with a led pencil and it works perfectly it boots the psp without any problems

  7. adrian515 says:

    anyways thanx for this guide it did work on vista and i finally have cfw on my slim

  8. Len says:

    Great to hear Adrian. Just out of curiousity, what brand of memory stick are you using? I’ve had success with two Sandisk memory sticks but some people seem to have problem with Sony brands.

  9. Lewis says:

    Hi Len,

    Excellent website, the only one ive seen that explains what, why and how. Excellent.

    Ive just sorted out my battery for service mode, but just have a few queries before i go ahead, and would appreciate the help. Im currently using a slim 2003 model + has OFW 4.05. Will this make any difference at all to your process? Sorry im so new i wouldnt even class myself as a noob.

    + 1 last thing, OFW 3.90 from the link you gave will not download, it has 3 errors. Do you know of any other links?

    Cheers in advance

  10. Len says:

    Hi Lewis,
    Glad you enjoy the web site. I’m not 100% sure if your slim model 2003 with OFW 4.05 would work as described. I would assume it will but I can’t be sure. If you do try, please post your results. The link to OFW 3.90 on the Step 1 page appears to be working. Either you caught it at a bad time or you need to install WinRAR to open the .rar archive. Good luck!

  11. Lewis says:

    Hi again,

    Well tonight was the night for me to get cracking, but i cant even get passed step 1.

    1 – i have downloaded & extracted OFW 3.90
    2 – i have the correct PSP Grader that you advised.
    3 – i follow the pretty straight forward instructions and all i get is:

    “Access to path ‘C:Program FilesPSP Graderinjectipl.cmd’ is denied.”

    So sorry to be a pain in the @$$ on step 1, but any ideas? Im running Vista, with PSP Slim 2003, Sandisk 2GB, OFW 4.05.

    Maybe something to do with “administrator privalages” – but i am the administrator and havent had any further options to allow the process.

    Thanks for prev reply, hope to hear again,


  12. William Racine says:

    I can confirm that it Worked 100% fines on a Deep Red God Of War PSP that was on latest 4.05 official sony firmware ! I am not sure about 2003 model psp,

    this tutorial is AMAZZING ! Keep up the good work ! its so hard to find a good tutorial !

  13. Matt M says:

    It worked for me however, I bought the PSP in the States and I cant get UK UMD films to run as it region coded.

  14. raj says:

    hey lewis i had the same problem your right click on psp grader and click run as administrater if that dosent create a magic mem stick then i would reccomend using windows xp

  15. charlies says:

    Hi Len,
    This HOWTO is absolutely great, as I just bought a psp slim.
    Just thought I’d let you know that downgrading from ofw 3.95 to 3.90 m33-3 worked perfectly, and plays games/homebrew fine.

  16. Len says:

    Hi Lewis,
    As raj has already said in comment 14, please right-click PSP Grader and click Run as Administrator. Please let me know if that fixes your problem. Good luck!

    Hi William,
    Glad you enjoyed the tutorial and were successful with your own PSP. Thank you for posting your experience.

    Hi Matt,
    When you are in the M33 recover mode (Hold R during power-on), you can go to the configuration and enable the “Free UMD region” option. Please let me know if that solves your problem.

    Hi Charles,
    Glad you enjoyed the tutorial and thank you for posting your experience. Very happy that it worked for you.

  17. Sean Cyrus Towel says:


    One more question. You said you enjoy running SNES9X on your PSP, however I can’t seem to get it to run. Do you have/know of a tutorial on how to get it working?

    Thanks again,
    Sean Cyrus Towel

  18. xian says:

    thanks so much for the tutorial! everything worked perfectly, now i can use the psp for what i bought it for!

    thanks again,

  19. Ade977 says:

    Hey everybody,

    I’m having a problem that doesn’t seem too common amongst everyone else’s. I accidentally broke the one foil piece across from the knob end of the battery (that part is common), and I thought I fixed it by putting some aluminum foil between the severed pieces because now a light actually comes on when I try to charge it in the PSP. However, it was flashing between green and orange for a while until I tinkered with it and now it’s back to the normal solid orange. I’m hoping it’s actually charging right now, but I can’t be too sure. I tried the steps in the guide several times and nothing was showing up on the screen. I’m worried that even if the battery does charge, it’ll be too loose or off or something in order to complete the firmware upgrade.

    BoomBox-Creations Reply:

    try weilding the 2 pieces back toether, but i do not recommend this on a battery UNLESS YOU HAVE A VERY STEADY HAND!

    or even try sticky glue, that might work.

    but im not sure, i havent had mine broken like that so….

    but i wouldnt do that, id probably buy a new one to be honest =D

  20. carl says:

    hi bought my psp slim june08 with 4.50, downgraded to 3.90 m33-3 all works great thanks

  21. ben says:

    To everyone that visits this site this is a amazing site that will work if you follow the instructions i am fully impressed and am now free from SONY

    for this i thank you!!!

  22. fatice says:

    Just got a used PSP fat. Since it is an old model, it does not have any problem hard modding the battery and putting 3.90 m33-3 on.

    However, I cannot find any settings on the 3.90 m33-3 service menu that state: Charge the battery while USB cable is connected.

    Does it mean it is not supported in PSP fat ?

    Also, from 3.90 m33-3, how to I upgrade it to 4.01 m33-2 ? There is a large 4.01 OFW download and small 4.01 CFW m33-2. How do I use them ?

  23. decke says:

    Thanks! that worked great

  24. Len says:

    Hi Fatice,
    The charge PSP though USB is an option only support on the PSP slim models. After you have 3.90m33-3 installed, you can use the Network Update feature to automatically download and install the latest version of M33 to your PSP.

  25. ben says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial. It was easiest, most straightforward guide I’ve come across. Now I don’t have to carry all my umd games around with me to play.

  26. Mick says:


    I’ve seen your question in the comments about if the sony memory sticks work and stuff. Well I dont have a Sony one but just to let you know Lexar MagicGate brand works perfectly fine.

  27. Paul says:

    Solid Guide!! I’ve been looking around the internet for ages for a decent step by step guide by someone who knows their stuff, but could never find it.

    Will give this a go tomorrow, but it looks pretty straight forward (at least in comparison to iPhone hardware unlocking (that was scary))

    Shall post my results. Keep up the magnificent work.

    -Paul (aust)

  28. Paul says:

    Worked brilliantly except!!

    I had an official Sony Memory stick 4GB (pro Duo) didn’t work with any injection software I tried. According to PSPGrader forums this is happening to a few people.

    I got a Sandisk, worked fine. Who knew that ebay sellers actually sold legit stuff on the cheap?

    Thanks alot :)

  29. skater says:

    what is the chanch of the psp bricking after the cfw is installed

  30. GoGsySul says:

    Well… what a excellent howto, i only used steps 1 and 3 as i bought myself a pandora battery,

    But all went acording to plan :D

    i bought my pandora and 2gig card from extremedeal dont know3 what make the memory card is though, as it dosent say.

    A BIG thank you from WALES m8 ;)

  31. g boy says:

    Im wondering the same thing as skaterboy what is the chanch of the psp bricking after the cfw is installed ???

  32. g boy says:

    Can this mms and pandor battery be used to unbrick ???

  33. WackoMAK says:

    Thanks Len! It work prefectly for first time install the CFW 3.90.I used Lexar 8GB memory stick Pro Duo and boot-up beautifully!!!!!

    If there are any other way to install the CFW without modify the batttery?

  34. Zohair says:

    Hi Len
    I have baught a new psp slim 2004 with a 1 gb sony memory card. I just wanted 2 ask u dat is all dis safe???coz i am totally broke now after buying dis new psp and cant afford to buy spare parts like battery etc.

    And also wanted to tell u dat u hve done a great job by writing dis article


  35. Zohair says:


    I have modded the battery as u told to do and the green light turned on by itself. But when i am trying to flash the firmware, nothing seems to happen. Just the green light turns on by itself and nothing appears on the screen. What do u think the problem is?

  36. iyeru says:

    Maybe next you can tell us how to install cwcheat?

  37. KillerTigger says:

    Best guide I’ve seen, and only one that doesn’t assume you can get your hands on a second PSP running 1.5 in order to mod your PSP.
    I have an original PSP phat running 4.05. Will these instructions work for this model? Does the original phat battery also have a trace 19 for a hard-mod Pandora, or do I have to do something else to the battery? At least one other guide mentions removing a pin amid warnings that the battery could overheat or explode:)

  38. person says:

    Can this mms and pandor battery be used to unbrick ???

  39. Len says:

    Hi skater and g boy. The chances of bricking the PSP by following these steps are pretty slim. Although you take a bigger risk to damage your battery by opening it up and cutting the trace wire. The PSP battery is a very sensitive piece of equipment and it can break very easily. Fortunately it is easy to buy another one but it is better not to break it in the first place. Breaking the battery or possibly the whole PSP is a risk you take if you choose to follow this tutorial. Please make sure to read and understand the entire tutorial before doing any of the steps. The better you are prepared, the better your success will be. Yes, the battery and memory stick combination to unbrick a PSP assuming the PSP and battery have no fatal hardware damage.

    Hi WackoMak, the PSP requires a service mode battery to access the firmware utilities. If you do not want to make your own service mode battery and you don’t know someone that already has one, you can search the `net and find some places that sell pre-made batteries.

    Hi Zohair, some people have reporting problems using PSP Grader with Sony memory sticks. Please try a newer version of PSP Grader or an alternate brand of memory sticks. I’ve had a lot of success with SanDisk brands.

    Hi iyeru, cwcheat is great homebrew. You can download it from Usually it is as easy as copying the “seplugins” folder from the “INSTALL” directory of cwcheat to the root of your memory stick. Reboot your PSP when you play a supported game, hold down the SELECT button for a few seconds and the cwcheat menu should come up. Not only can you cheat, it will show you the remaining battery life while in a game.

    Hi KillerTigger, the instructions are almost the same for a PSP phat but it is a slightly different process to make your own service battery. You can find tutorials on other sites or you can order a pre-made battery. Good luck.

  40. GoGsySul says:

    Cheers Len for a fantastic HowTo :)

    Just a little question (as i’m a noob) and trying NOT to brick my son’s friends PSP :p
    If you got a bootable memory stick and a pandora battery, would i be right in saying that i would only need to follow step 3 to do a PHAT PSP with OFW 3.52????

    Thanks a lot Len

    Len Reply:

    Hi GoGsySul,
    You are pretty much correct. However, you can not use a slim battery in a phat PSP but if you have a pandora phat battery, you can use that in a slim.

  41. person says:

    It worked thanks but what is the chance of the psp randomly bricking and Can this be used to unbrick other psp slims ???

    Len Reply:

    Hi person,
    I’d say the chances are pretty low but anything can happen. Yes, you can unbrick other PSPs with this.

  42. Ryan says:

    Thanks Len!

    I had been researching for just a few days on how to mod my PSP when I found your excellent guide and I am pleased to report everything came out wonderfully. Had almost zero trouble (as instructions were nearly foolproof) and accomplished the task in around 2 hours – after extensive reading & re-reading beforehand (just to be doubly sure). I used a PSP slim Daxter bundle V3.80 with a 1GB Sandisk memory stick, if that helps anyone. Mostly just wanted to say thank you for this incredibly simple, excellent guide. Highly recommended to anyone who is considering going with a custom firmware.

    Len Reply:

    Hi Ryan,
    Glad you had success following this guide!

  43. person says:

    is there a new mother board that dosent work

  44. Prashan says:

    I took your word for it and attempted to install the custom firmware. I can’t say it was nothing short of a complete success. I got through each and every step without any problem whatsoever and I’m happy to say i am now running 3.90 M33-3. Thanks so much for this guide, its probably the best one out there.

  45. djpyro says:

    hey… at first it didnt work… im using a lexar 4gb magicgate mem card…

    if it doesnt work at first make sure the battery is FULLY charged… i didnt know if this was the problem… but i used the program stated to make the firmware bootcard and FORMATED first after trying not to format and it worked…

    so i hope this helps people… ive never modded anything in my life and this was a big help… THANKS SO MUCH :)

    ps i wouldnt spend money on a pandoras battery either… when it takes 5 mins to open up your own battery and cut a slit in a line… i did it without useing a mag glass…

    doing it yourself is way better anyways then cheating!!!

  46. Zohair says:

    Thanx for your advice len. I tried the same process with a sandisk memorycard and it worked. I dont know what is the problem with difference in brands!! Anyways thanx. Maybe you next article could be of installing cxmb or something.


  47. lioncina says:

    This HOWTO is amazing! Better than others make in Italy!

    Thanks for your job.

  48. Matt B. says:

    Hi Len, thank you so much for making this guide! I’ve owned my PSP for only about 4 months now and I was looking forward to modding it, but scared because of all the crappy guides out there that didn’t really have much information or tell the user what was going on. Your guide is simple, concise, yet still tells us what exactly is happening with the system. Thanks again!

    I do have one question: Is it necessary to have the Pandora Battery in the PSP when you want to use custom firmware? (I’m assuming it is since you have to boot off the memory stick via service mode). I bought a larger battery, along with a replacement cover, from eBay and it has a much longer life to it. The battery was made in China, and isn’t made by Sony, so I haven’t been able to find any ways to hard-mod it. (You get what you pay for I guess; thing only cost a couple bucks)

  49. BoomBox-Creations says:

    good work on this tut man, it help alot, thanks =D

    and does anyone know if this guide works on a phat PSP?

    i know the battery is different because of it being a phat battery, and for people wanting a guide for the phat battery, go here:

    but is the process for everything else somewhat the same?

    its just that my friend whats CFW on his PSP from seeing mine, but mines a slim and his is a phat….

    or does anyone know a good tut for it?

  50. kaldor says:

    hello. nice tutorial. yesterday i buyed a psp slim and i am a pro noob and updated its firmware from net with 4.05 and now i cnat get the recovery mode. i got battery and boot memory stick. is there any way for downgrade? or do u know when the cfw 4.05 will be realised?

    Len Reply:

    Hi kaldor,
    You can downgrade from your 4.05 to either 3.90M33 through this tutorial or 4.01M33 by using the newer PSP Grader v006.

  51. examkill says:

    hi lens
    i am a nnoob and scared if i should try this turtorial, but reading from all of this comments i can tell it really works. this is wht is have. a 1gb magic gate memey card. and a daxter bundle psp slim. can u give me a hints on somethings i should keep in my mind doing this

    ps. you realy have a great turtorial

  52. avi says:

    hi Len
    i have 1 problem about the firmware we have to install
    i have an official firmware 4.05 on a PSP 2001 ,

    do i need a official firmware 3.71 just like when i bought the PSP?

    i have downloaded 3.71 and 3.90 and put it in PSP>GAME>UPDATE, and when i try to install them, it said that there is no need to install this fiwrmware

    i did as you said in step 1 installing 3.90 with PSP grader v005 did i do something wrong??
    will it work ??


  53. kevin says:

    It WORKED thank you so much I love you! god bless your soul

  54. Carl says:

    Thank you Len

    This guide is the easiest, most concise, and clearest I have found. It took me no time to install the CFW on my $50 used PSP-2000.

  55. Transe says:

    GREAT GUIDE!The information could not have been presented in a more simple and understandable way and I give you mad props.My only question: What is downgrading and do I need to do it with the procedure that you made?Thanks!

  56. Ex says:

    I did everything to the “T” but my psp slim 2001 w/ 5.01 OFW will not boot up into the service mode. I made sure the line 19 is cut well. Multimeter shows no continuity and yet the psp acts like nothing has happened. BTW, My original store bought firmware was 4,01 I believe and I upgraded to 5.01

  57. klux007 says:

    hey LEN..
    this is the greatest tutorial on the web i bet anyone.

    i just installed cfw 4.01 m33-2 on
    PSP-2001 (ash) slim daxter pack with ofw 4.01

    but i had to use the windows command(cmd) for the creation of magic stick on the original sony pro duo stick

  58. klux007 says:

    hey len
    great work there….with this tutorial ther is nothing immpossible in the psp modification.

    i just hacked a
    psp-2001 slim (ash) daxter pack with ofw 4.01
    i now have
    cfw 4.01 m33-2 ……..GREAT!!!

  59. klux007 says:

    hey len
    great work there….with this tutorial ther is nothing immpossible in the psp modification.

    i just hacked a
    psp-2001 slim (ash) daxter pack with ofw 4.01
    i now have
    cfw 4.01 m33-2 ……..GREAT

  60. Jei says:

    Hey, Thanks for this great guide. I have the GoW PSP that I bought about 3-4 months ago. This guide worked perfect and it only took me one try for it to work. This is a great guide that I would definately recomend to anyone who is looking to mod their PSP. Again, Thanks and keep up with such great work!

  61. JEMAI says:

    HELP!! i cant go through step number 2 in flashing my psp :(

    i followed the guide but when i hold L and put my battery in place… waited for minutes… NOTHING HAPPENS :(

    help help help. asap. heeeeeelp

  62. Danny says:

    Thanks a lot,

    I just finished installing the CFW and everything is working great. It took me about 45 minutes just to cut the trace because i was going a little slow just in case lol. Again, thanks for this tutorial.

    OFW v.3.95
    Mobo: Unknown


  63. Hayden says:

    Hi. Thanks for all the help. Do you now some emulater that work with the latest cfw

  64. Paul says:

    I had a PSP-2001 with FW 5.02 and this worked perfectly for me. I found and used “PSP Grader v005″ with EBOOT 390. After everything completed like the tutorial said, I re-established network and ran auto-update (after changing setting in recovery environment). After following all prompts, I now have “5.00 M33-4″.

    Adrien Reply:

    Hey, Paul
    did you wirelessly update this or was the psp hooked up to your computer when you auto-updated it?

    Clank Reply:

    paul wut battery did you use

  65. Ari says:

    Please HELP me!! i cant go through step number 3 in flashing my psp :(
    i followed the guide but when i hold L and put my battery in place… waited for minutes… NOTHING HAPPENS :( please. heeeeeelp
    I have finished step number 1 & number 2 but when I going to step number 3 nothinh happens with my PSP.
    I use memory stick pro duo 4 Gb, PSP 2000 Battery service tool Sony PSP 1200mAH. please……………

  66. Anonymous says:

    will this work on the psp 2001 firmware 5.01

    Anonymous Reply:

    I had PSP 2001 OFW 5.03 and PSP Grader v008 and it worked Perfectly.

    P.S. Thanks Len :)

  67. Anonymous says:

    when i press l and put in the battery nothing happens

  68. sean says:

    same thing as me
    i just get a black screen

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  70. JJ says:

    Len just want to ask. I have PSP 2001 slim and last week i download psp update version 5.50 and sad to say that my download games with extension files cso doesn’t work anymore. Is it necessary to downgrade or is there something you can suggest? Thanks

  71. Ka0sx says:

    You can also use a liquid track pen to close the circuit again.

  72. PSP maniac says:

    hi im a real psp maniac and i would like to install custom firmware on my PSP slim 2001(4.05) which i bought 2 years ago from america. i have bought a new battery for my psp done everything step by step and at the end when i insrted the pandorized battery the “power” light turned on but i didn’t get white text according to step 3, i have sure that i have cut the wire nbr. 19, please help , im really stuck and im sad it really didnt work :(

  73. Spanky says:

    textbook…of all the tutorials and crap on the net Ive read this was the only one I actually understood and it worked flawlessly.

    I now have the custom firmware
    came from a

    psp slim/ firmware v. 4.05

  74. Dude123 says:

    i did the guide and everything worked but i did it on my psp where the analog stick dosnt work so i tried to do it with the psp i was going to use with the same memory card and same pandora battery from the other psp but when i put the magic mstick in then hold l and put in the hardmodded battery even though it worked for the other psp it wont work for my other one the light just comes on but the recovery screen dosnt any help?

  75. How to: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 1 « how to central says:

    [...] Introduction Step 1: Creating a bootable memory stick Step 2: Creating a service tool battery Step 3: Flashing the firmware Conclusion [...]

  76. Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 3 « how to central says:

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  77. james mckenzie says:

    hi thanks for this excellent guide which i reall just makes me wonder why sony dont allow these mods or do them themselves via firmware really opens up the untapped (by sony) potential of the psp and therfor makesit a better product for us the consuer.

  78. acap says:

    does it works with psp 3001 version 6.10?

  79. Nav says:

    Hi Len,

    I am having the same problem as jeff, my verion is psp2003. When i put the battery the green light comes on, but nothing happens even after holding the L Button for a while.
    I even tried with v005 with 3.90 and also v006 with 4.01 but still the same result.
    I bought a new Scandisk 2GB, as you advised in earlier posts, but the result remains the same. Kindly advise what i am doing wrong.
    BTW the verion of the Firmware is installed as 6.20

    Kindly advise.Thanks

  80. Chamith says:

    can i modify psp2000 slim and lite???
    i get it from japan and most people say my PSP cant modify bcz its hv new i get it 2 yrs ago
    help me
    5.03 OFW still hv

  81. Help - Console Spot Forums - PSP DS PS3 Xbox 360 Wii XMB says:

    [...] of turning them into ISO's following a guide posted on this site. The next step was following these instructions to make a bootable memory stick. I then ordered a Pandora battery from dealextreme. What would be [...]

  82. LRDGR says:

    I bought a friends psp yesterday. I figured I would have to purchase a hacked battery or kit and then I found this guide. Success. It was harder to get some apps running than to install cfw! Thanks much!

  83. qaiser jadoon says:

    this is a nice post

    i have one question

    i am searching the internet from alst 5 days for making pandora battery and magic memory stick

    i am confused for only one point

    some one is saying to the cut pin 19 like you said and someone is showing that you cut the pin 5

    my psp is sony-2004 (white color) and my battery is sony lithium 1200 mah

    and i tried both (cutting the pin 19 first and then pin 5)

    but when i am inserting the battery nothing happens

    i am making the magic memory stick correctly

    thanks in advance

  84. M.R. says:

    wow! sounds very useful. but can i use this to my PSP2001 with system software version of 6.37…
    into what firmware version will i downgrade or upgrade it so that i can play games on my memory stick?

  85. Renalto says:

    Wow nice reading and understand, i do have a PSP-3001 with OFW 6.37, I don’t know if this can also be applied to it and what will be the result if any one has try it to his psp 3001 and above. thanks and waiting Guys