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A while back, I needed to make my front step a bit more presentable.  I came across this Techstone Granite product and decided go with that.  To make a long story short, I applied the granite coating to my front step and it turned out great!  The advantages of this product is that it gives the step a very strong, durable coating that is made in Canada and designed to withstand the winter.  The surface also has a slight rough texture so no worries about slipping when it’s raining or snowing.  It also cleans very easily whether it’s snow, ice or just a bit dirty.

With all my dad’s family being in town shortly, he wanted to fix up his own front step a bit the same as mine.  We took a trip to the closest Home Hardware store in Selkirk and picked up the necessary supplies.

Here’s the “before” picture of what we had to work with – dirty and somewhat worn down:

Old and Busted

We clean the step off with some chemicals (Mmmm) and a power washer – looks better but still needs work:

Clean but still pretty busted

The surface needs to be primed to make the granite bond properly and the step looks better already:

All primed up

The granite is then applied with a steel trowel:

More fun then it looks

Two coats of granite and two coats of sealer and it’s all done:

Finished step - huge improvement!

I’d consider that to be an improvement!  Great front step, dad! You can read more about this on the official website here

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The answer is: BUSY!

Coming up very quickly, I have my dad’s wedding next week.  I’m very happy for him and Carol.  Right after that, I start teaching an Apache http server course at the University of Winnipeg department of continuing education.  That’s gonna be something new and I’m looking forward to it.

I just finished a time-consuming for my dad which I’ll put some pics up shortly.  I still haven’t put my Hillock/Robinson Lake 2008 recap & pictures online yet.  The Robinson Lake trip was awesome, as expected/  The weather was really good overall, the camp site was great and the guys are great group.  Lots of fun all around.

I haven’t even had much time for video games lately!  That should tell you something right there.  I did manage to borrow Rock Band and a PS2 from a friend and it is pretty awesome.  Well, the game is pretty awesome but I suck royally at it.  I’m pretty happy and impressed to see how many hits and how much feedback I get on the series of PSP modding articles.

Anywho, I’ll _try_ to post more often because content really is the key to having a blog.  Thanks for reading!

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Just letting people know that PSP Grader v006 has been released.  This version installs custom firmware 4.01M33-2 and may also work better on newer PSPs.  If you’ve have problems creating a bootable memory stick, please try this new version.

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