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One of the newest features of Outlook 2007SP1 combined with Exchange 2007 is the ability for Outlook to automatically configure itself to an Exchange 2007 server.  The main benefit is for remote users to use Outlook on the Internet as if it was connected on the LAN – this is called Outlook Anywhere or Outlook RPC over HTTP.  This is very easily accomplished by having a specific DNS record available for the domain.

Unfortunately most documentation provided uses the assumption that you are serving DNS from a Microsoft DNS server – good try Microsoft.  There is an easy way to serve the same record from BIND under Linux/UNIX.  Create the DNS record as follows: SRV 0 0 443

Where ‘webmail’ specifies the external address of the Exchange 2007 server.

To test the Autodiscover feature of Outlook 2007SP1, start Outlook and while holding the Control key, right-click the Outlook icon and there will be an option to “Test E-Mail Autoconfiguration”.

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After a very busy week, I felt the need to un-wind a bit and meet up with some friends at Club Regent Casino for some Texas Hold `Em.  I get to the casino a bit before 8:30pm and sit down right away at the 1/2 no-limit table with a full buy-in of $200 – go big or go home, right?  The game gets off to a bit of a slow start and I’m not getting much in the way of cards or flops that go my way.  I do manage to flop a set of 10’s one hand and win but everyone else folded after the flop and I won a small pot.  My streak of getting no hands continued for a while and each hand that I was seeing a flop with was costing $2 – $10 typically.  After missing many, many flops, I was bleeding out quite a bit of money and down about $100.  I changed tables to be with a group of friends and topped up my chips with another $80 worth.

My streak of no cards continued and it was a bit after 1:00am now and I had still only one that one single small pot.  Not what I’d call an ideal poker session by any means but I was having fun with my friends.  Normally I would have called it a night at this point but I was having fun so I stayed and topped up with another $60 – yes, that’s now $340 I was in for.  To me, $340 is a lot of money – especially after getting a $600 vet bill for Roman last week (my poor sick lil` doggy).  This gave me a little over $160 in play and i was down about $180 (ouch!)

I get dealt pocket 6’s to which I call, one guy raises to $11 or $12 total, Scotty calls and I call.  Flop comes down 10-6-x with two spades.  Wow, about fricken time I hit a hand and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get paid this time too!  Scott is first to act and goes all-in for $50-something.  I don’t waste much time going all-in for the $150-something I have in front of me.  Then the original raiser goes all-in too and he has everyone covered!  I’m pretty sure Scott has A-10 and/or a flush draw and the raiser has AA or KK since he seemed pretty confident in his hand pre-flop and on the flop.

Scott shows A-10 (no surprise), I show my 6-6-6 (the set of the beast!) and I ask the raiser if he has AA, he says no and shows a set of 10’s instead!  Wow…wow…  I wait very patiently for 5 hours to hit a hand, I flop mid-set and this guy flops top-set on me and I’m in for all my money and already down $180 on top of that.  I put my jacket on and tell everyone it’s been a fun night but now I gotta go tell my wife that I dropped $340 at the Casino.  I look down as the dealer puts down the turn…nothing…. and the river….6!!!  6 on the river!!  Quads to win!!! I yell out!  The whole table yells out!  Everyone looks at our table!  People come over to see what happened!  The poor guy with trip 10’s looks like his soul was just torn from with-in him and I’m excited as hell as the dealer pushes a $400+ pot my way.  Of course I took my jacket off and sat back down!

How is that for a twist of events?  I mean, it was lucky as hell!  What a terrible setup though to wait for so long, hit a huge hand and end up being so far behind and then win the hand on the river with the only card left in the deck that I could win with!  From being down $180, I was actually now up $60 from this one hand!  Although I do feel a bit bad on the inside delivering such a total-fluke soul-crushing bad-beat to other player, it was very nice to win such a huge pot and the other player was a very good sport about it.  Other people would be pretty mad and lose control, this guy handled himself like a pro.  I played for a while longer winning a couple more pots and closed the night at $160 profit.  Talk about a train ride of a poker session!

It was fun spending the evening with friends and the sheer excitement of that one hand will probably stick with me for a while to come.

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I made it through the weekend!  And what a great weekend it was!  Congratulations Dad & Carol :)   More to come and a very busy week ahead too!

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Being a somewhat long-term yet highly dissapointed fan of the x-files, I watched The X Files: I Want to Believe today.  I can sum it up nicely by saying this movie was a total piece of shit.  Quite seriously, my expectations were low.  Very low and yet somehow I was still dissapointed.  This movie had absolutely nothing to do with the previous movie or TV series at all aside from the fimiliar Mulder & Scully combo.  I’m almost dissapointed that David Duchovny has moved on to such better work post-x files and then he signs on to do this completely useless movie. Terrible, just terrible.

On a more positive note, I FINALLY watched 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact.  Much better movies and quite thought provoking – especially the beginning of 2001 and the end of 2010.

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