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After upgrading a Windows Server 2003 clustered file server to Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X 10.5 clients would no longer connect to the file server.  After much searching, I found that Microsoft changed something about share name scoping on clustered resources causing non-Microsoft clients to fail.  Of course, Microsoft blames Apple and Apple blames Microsoft for incompatibility issues which really doesn’t help anyone.

I found one work-around to the problem for Mac OS X clients – In Mac OS X finder, use Cmd-K to bring up the Connect to Server dialog.  For the server address, use either:


Share browsing of the server doesn’t seem to work so you need to specify the share which you want to connect to and specifying port 139 seems to fix the problem.

Weird stuff.  Not sure who to blame on this one really but I expect a little better compatibility on these “enterprise” class products.  As a side-note, these changes to clustered file sharing even causes issues with Exchange 2007 running on a Windows Server 2008 cluster.  When Microsoft can’t even get their own software to work correctly, I think it’s easier to know who to blame.

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Today is the day you’ve waited four or maybe even eight years for.  Get out and vote today.  Make yourselves heard.  Wait in line if you have to because you won’t get this opportunity again for a very long time.  Do not allow the mistakes of the last eight years to be repeated.

Update: Well done, America.  Let’s all hope for 4 years of peace and prosperity under the government of President Obama.

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