One slight pain about getting a new computer is having to remember how to copy the Firefox bookmarks from one computer to another.  Of course the easy way would be to click Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks on the old computer and simply export the bookmarks to a file and copy that file to the new computer.  The problem is if your old computer is already turned off, gutted, windows won’t boot or any other reason that would prevent you from actually running Firefox on the old system.

Fortunately there is a somewhat easy way to copy the bookmarks file from one computer to another just by accessing the old drive and coping the file by usb key or a direct-drive copy.  This information assumes you are using Firefox 3.

If the old computer is Windows XP, navigate to the following folder – replace the username and profile names with whatever is correct for your computer:
C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\
Firefox\Profiles\<profile name>\bookmarkbackups\

For a Windows Vista, use the following path:
C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\
Firefox\Profiles\<profile name>\bookmarkbackups\

Here you will find an automatic bookmark backup Firefox creates on a daily basis.  Copy the most recent file to the new computer.

On the computer, start Firefox and click Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks from the menu.  Then click the Import and Backup button and Restore/Choose File.  Navigate and select the backup file from the old computer, click OK and voila!  Your bookmarks have all been restored to the new computer!

Happy surfing!

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