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The upgrade from Fedora Core 6 to Fedora Core 11 seems to be complete.  ESXi made this a whole lot easier since I was able to build the new Fedora 11 system in parallel to the running Fedora 6 system.  Usually due to lack of hardware, physical space or internet ports, I’ve had to do a hard cutover from one system to the other without the benefit of proper testing.  ESXi really made this a breeze with the virtualized environment and having the capability to snapshot the system at different points just in case of something breaking.

It’s nice to be running an up to date Linux distribution again to see what’s new and shiney.  There’s some new things in Fedora 11 to learn and it’s good to see the continued evolution of Linux as I’ve been Fedora Core user/administrator since version 1 dating back to 2003.  Prior to that, I had used RedHat Linux and even before that, Slackware Linux 3.0 dating back to 1995.  Slackware 3.0 was my first experiences with Linux so it holds a special place in my heart…awww…the memories.

With all the upgrade talk and the reminiscing, let’s take a look back at my humble website over the years thanks to

Before 2001: A few personal webpages here and there just to learn.  Sorry, no archive and it’s probably better that way :)

September 2001: My first stab at a personal web log before the term “blog” was coined.  It was a good way to present some information, share pictures and learn more about PHP, XHTML and CSS.  Hard to believe that I actually recommended Internet Explorer at a time.  The site had some decent growth to it but became harder to manually manage updates with the growth.

March 2005: Gave a new software package called Serendipty a try.  Much improved layout and automated management.  Combined with Coppermine for photo galleries, the site had a more complete and polished look.  Both packages made it easy to add new content and functionality.

October 2007: Always keeping an eye on new options, I gave Wordpress a try.  I was impressed fairly quickly how Wordpress was faster, cleaner, more functional and even easier to use than Serendipity.  Wordpress has a very strong community behind it always adding new functionality and features.  I’m very impressed by how much Wordpress has grown over the last not quite two years to take advantage of all the latest web trends and yet Wordpress has been made even easier to use.  I look forward to Wordpress’ future and the new trends/technology that can not be foreseen at this time.

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OK, that was easy.  click click upgrade done.

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Been a while since I upgraded something so I spent some time friday evening (wooo the excitment) upgraded my ESXi 3.5 system to the 4.0 release.  The upgrade was pretty easy and straight-forward with the instructions on  Fortunately, VMWare makes the vSphere client and updata utility an easy download now so you can skip the steps about manually extracting it from the ESXi 4.0 upgrade file before starting.  Remember to backup your virtual machines just to be on the safe side.

The next upgrades now will be Wordpress 2.8 (easy!) and upgrade to Fedora 11 (not too hard).  Stay tuned!

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It’s the last night before Eva comes home so I figured I need to make my last “bachelor’s” meal.  Something that is so special that you can only make it when nobody else is around – either due to not wanting to share or utter embarrassment.  I feel somewhere between the two.  So what to have for dinner…

BBQ – check
Hamburger – check
Cheese – check
Bacon – check

Time to make a cheeseburger like never before!

1. Gather ingredients.  Today I will be using two Costco hamburger patties, Kraft cheese singles, blue cheese, Kraft shredded Tex-mex cheese and a bun.  The bacon isn’t in the picture.


2. Add a Kraft cheese single and blue cheese to one patty.


3. Top with Kraft shredded Tex Mex and another single.


4. Add second patty and form patties in to one.


5. Ready to grill!


6. Grab two strips of bacon and cook the burger and bacon on a low heat for a while.


7. Cook until the beef is well-done through out.  There’s so much cheese that the burger sprung a cheese-leak but it looks good!


8. Add your favourite toppings.


9. Enjoy the cheesiest cheese burger you’ll ever have!


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