I finally bought Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii yesterday.  Since it’s still a bit hard to find in stores and I’m cheap, I went the second-hand route and found a for-sale ad on the local Kijiji for $95 and the seller was only minutes away from my office.  Thinking it was a good opportunity, I picked it up but unfortunately when something seems too be good to true, it usually is.

After specifically asking the seller about the condition and any problems with the instruments, I was told everything worked fine and was hardly used.  Getting home and testing everything out, sure enough, one of the cymbol pads on the drum was completely dead.  Although not something I typically do, I asked the seller if I could return the defective kit and was not surprised to get no for answer and an “explanation” of how the cymbol should be easy to fix considering I “saved $100″ (A brand new kit costs $140 in stores).

This deal smells more like a well planned rip-off.  Looks like it will be up to me to fix it and the first step will be some Google searching.

I found some information that a common problem with the drum and cymbol pads where the wires inside become loose with wear.  I took the cymbol apart and the wires appeared to be fairly well connected but I re-soldered them just to be sure.  Unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem.

Fortunately, I came across this tip on instructables.com where the small printed circuit board may be defective and they show a method to bypass the PCB and connect the pad wires directly to the output jack.

With some fresh wire and some careful soldering (only burnt myself a little), I reconnected the cymbal pad to the kit and it worked!  Not only did it work but it worked perfectly!

I’ve had very positive experiences with the local buy&sell websites overall.  I’ve bought and sold computer hardware and even got a dog through the online classifieds.  It’s a bit unfortunate that I got bit by a dishonest seller but it’s something that that will happen to most people eventually.  There were some warning signs about the seller that I now recognize after the fact but in the midst of the excitement of getting a new toy and given the positive past experiences, I made a poor decision.

Fortunately with some searching and soldering, everything worked out fine in the end.

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