• Slow morning for Twitter so here's a picture of a hawk eating a small bird outside my window http://twitpic.com/xja6s #
  • not quite 8pm and i'm pretty zonked. you know you are old when…. #
  • yay, app is "in review" again. let's hope the apple reviewer likes arrested development. #
  • eagerly awaiting the results of app #1 submission #2… #
  • F, rejected again. #
  • damn, all the extra macs at work are non-intel. #
  • RT: @uwinnipegDCE_IT: UWinnipeg Press Release: University of Winnipeg DCE Hides Easter Egg Game For Students http://ow.ly/VimQ #
  • I still have the high score ;) #
  • seems like every bad driver in winnipeg woke up and hit the road at the same time this morning. #
  • VMware standalone converter for coverting a physical Linux system to a VM works very well! #
  • @uwinnipegDCE_IT we discuss the topic of customizing error (and other) http status codes with ErrorDocument in Apache Intro! in reply to uwinnipegDCE_IT #
  • @uwinnipegDCE_IT let's hope people play DCE-IT man and Reg4 the courses! Can the students top the instructor's high score…? in reply to uwinnipegDCE_IT #
  • @sourstud iPhone dev is fun. App store approval process, however, is not. in reply to sourstud #
  • UIViewControllers make little puppies cry. #
  • RT: @EAmobile: With the release of the Weezer pack for ROCK BAND we're giving away 4 ROCK BAND T-Shirts. RT this to be entered to win one! #
  • @sourstud be proud of the mac. It's a very sophisticated UNIX workstation. in reply to sourstud #
  • @nfortlage Call of Duty is great but have you played Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 yet? in reply to nfortlage #
  • a perspective on how old and obsolete Internet Explorer 6 really is http://mezzoblue.com/archives/2010/01/12/older_than/ #
  • UWinnipeg hides arcade game on website | Academica Group Inc: Marketing Insight for Higher Education http://tinyurl.com/ydbynqb #
  • RT: @uwinnipegDCE_IT: University of #Winnipeg Course: Web Development Level 5: PHP Advanced http://tinyurl.com/yklsr9g #
  • Annyong app in review for nearly 24 hours – maybe a good sign? hoping 3rd time is the charm. #
  • no Annyong in the app store any time soon. Fox objects to apps that "infringe on its rights". #
  • any recommendations for APC UPS repairs in Winnipeg? #
  • Winnipeg Code Camp site is live! Check out the speakers, sessions, and register for the event! http://www.winnipegcodecamp.com (via @darcy_lussier) #
  • just about time for poker night. tonight is going be "off the hook". #
  • Back home a little after 5:30. Poker night is the best and even turned a massive $15 profit! #
  • woken up by door to door morons #
  • @wpcanada hah i'm just amazed that this happens the one time i go to bed at 6am in reply to wpcanada #
  • +4c today. wow! #
  • great day to go take the boys to the doggy park. #
  • Great afternoon at the dog park. http://twitpic.com/ydc5z #
  • 4 hours sleep starting to catch up with me – and was invited to see sherlock holmes tonight too, d'amn! #

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