First the good news:
I started a new job as a UNIX System Administrator at one of the largest financial companies in Canada on Monday.  It’s a big change and it was hard to leave my previous position.  However, I feel this is a good move for my career and exposes me to a lot of enterprise systems that I would not be able to experience otherwise.

The first day was pretty hard – talk about information overload!  However, day two was much better.  It will take a while to settle in and be comfortable in the environment but I’m looking forward to it and I’m ready for the challenges along the way.

The bad news:
My little beagle, Roman, chased a squirrel a little too hard and Roman ended up blowing out his knee.  Unfortunately the only treatment is surgery to repair the damaged ligaments.  Roman went for his surgery yesterday and came home today.  It will take a few weeks before Roman is back to his normal doggy-self and about three months until he is fully recovered.  I look forward to walks in the park with Roman again.  Don’t worry, he hasn’t been wearing the satellite cone very much.

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