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To keep the upgrade theme going, now that my old Windows server is free, I’ll be rebuilding that Dell P4-1.5Ghz system as a newer MediaPortal system.  I’ve been running an old version of MediaPortal (but it was current at the time!) for well over a year now.  It has been the best addition to my home theatre centre ever!  Currently, it is running on an 8+ year old P3-1000 system that used to be my main computer many years ago and then was Eva’s main computer until she got her iMac.  It has been doing well for MediaPortal but the time has come to update the software and add a little more horsepower to the system as well so that I can run some newer plug-ins like Moving Pictures which are more graphically rich than most plug-ins.  Hopefully with the extra horsepower, I can get back in to building my MAME system for home.  The P3-1000 system didn’t quite cut it for running MAME and handling the Bluetooth Wii remote controllers.

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After four amazing seasons, one of my favourite TV shows has finally come to an end.  Yes, Battlestar Galactica has drawn to a close.  It’s hard to describe exactly how good of a show it has been.  It has constantly broken the standard mold of a ho-hum weekly TV series and instead of being dragged out forever, the show has come to an end at a point where the current fans are satisfied and the fan base will continue to grow as word spreads and viewership increases through re-runs and DVD sales.

I’ll miss the show as I looked forward to watching it every week as it ran.  It’s a shame more shows don’t come close to being this good.  If you haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica yet, give it a go and you will enjoy it.

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Since Eva is sending so much traffic my way, I just thought her friends would like to know how much she enjoys watching Battlestar Galactica.  If you don’t watch it, then you are an idiot.

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With all my talk about setting up Mediaportal and how awesome it is, I don’t think I ever went in to detail about what it actually does. Plus I’ve been a bit lazy with blog postings lately…

What the heck is Mediaportal? It’s a Windows application for managing all of your digital movies, tv shows, music and other forms of digital media.

Oh a Windows program, what’s the big deal then? The big deal is doing something a little out of the ordinary… Hooking the computer’s audio/video output in to my home theater’s input. Now things get interesting…

What about controlling the thing? The Logitech Harmony 880 remote to the rescue! That and a relatively cheap USB Infrared receiver for the computer and all the control is in my hand still using only a single remote for the entire home theater system.

Now the fun part – watching TV! Mediaportal gives a nice menu-driven interface to everything. A button push here and all my movies are ready to watch. Right now, I have about 90 movies online and ready for watching. Mediaportal lets you pick the movie by it’s covert art, title and you can can view the movie outline and rating with another button push. Get the popcorn ready and hit play…

Along with the movies, Mediaportal keeps a nice fancy interface to all the TV shows available. The episodes are broken down in to season categories and series/episode summaries are provided with nice shiny images as well. It even tracks what you’ve already watched.

Music, Internet radio, movies trailers, games, pictures & even more are available too. It’s quite an impressive system and the possibilities continue to grow. As for the cost… I was able to re-use Eva’s old PC – Despite being about 7 years old, it runs MediaPortal perfectly. The only new equipment I had to purchase was the IR receiver for $25 and then only needed a couple of really long audio/video cables – cost: $35. $60 in total – you can’t beat that!

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Call me a geek if you want but Battlestar Galactica is an absolutely awesome TV show. I’ll make a more complete blog entry about it sometime but for now, read the Wikipedia entry and watch the season 4 preview in Blogovision. Can’t wait for it to start in March. A very long time away but will certainly be worth the wait. Season 4 will also be the final season. Why the final season you ask? Are the ratings low? No, certainly not. Battlestar Galactica is actually doing a very unique thing in the world of television series, the whole series was developed with a very clear beginning, middle and an end to the story. It’s refreshing to see a series built around a strong story rather than a “string it along to make a dollar” mindset.

Just remember what Dwight thinks about people that don’t watch Battlestar Galactica.

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I put up a new video from Entourage.  Pretty funny clip of Seth Green, E and Drama getting in to a fight in Las Vegas.  Gotta love Entourage, just never know what to expect next.

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First off in regards to my last post…There is no such thing as too much Mario. If that were true, it wouldn’t be the largest video game franchise on the planet for the past 25+ years since Donkey Kong came out in 1981. Case closed.

Now let’s talk Entourage. To sum it up in five simple words: This show has it all.

What’s it about? It’s about the top movie star in Hollywood, his brother and his two best friends. The four of them do everything together. With their fame and fortune, the world is theirs. This show has the stars, the attitudes, the music and the babes…lots of them. With Vinny Chase and his entourage, the characters are strong and realistic. I even had to check Wikipedia if Johnny Chase was a real actor or not. Take the four of them and through their agent Ari Gold in to the mix – Now you have some real crazy situations!

After watching this show (all four seasons), I’m undecided if Hollywood is the place to be or not. I thought online poker was full of ups and downs. The characters of Entourage really go for some wild rides and I don’t think they’d have it any other way.

Please look for the DVD sets in stores or online.

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Finished watching the entire first season of Heroes last night…wow!  It was pretty damn good from start to finish.  Pretty good to see a quality TV show these days stand-out from the constant stream of mindless crap and reality TV that is forced through our cable system.  If you enjoy Heroes as well, leave a comment!

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