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It’s the last night before Eva comes home so I figured I need to make my last “bachelor’s” meal.  Something that is so special that you can only make it when nobody else is around – either due to not wanting to share or utter embarrassment.  I feel somewhere between the two.  So what to have for dinner…

BBQ – check
Hamburger – check
Cheese – check
Bacon – check

Time to make a cheeseburger like never before!

1. Gather ingredients.  Today I will be using two Costco hamburger patties, Kraft cheese singles, blue cheese, Kraft shredded Tex-mex cheese and a bun.  The bacon isn’t in the picture.


2. Add a Kraft cheese single and blue cheese to one patty.


3. Top with Kraft shredded Tex Mex and another single.


4. Add second patty and form patties in to one.


5. Ready to grill!


6. Grab two strips of bacon and cook the burger and bacon on a low heat for a while.


7. Cook until the beef is well-done through out.  There’s so much cheese that the burger sprung a cheese-leak but it looks good!


8. Add your favourite toppings.


9. Enjoy the cheesiest cheese burger you’ll ever have!


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