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I found out about a promotion EB Games is currently running: Trade-in 6 used games and get a brand new PSP slim core system for $19.99.  K so I trade-in any 6 games (that EB values at $8 or more) and they sell me a PSP for twenty bucks when a new PSP core system costs $170 regular?  Wow…  So I dug through all the DS and Wii games I haven’t played for a bit and came up with 10 games to trade-in.  I took everything to EB and not all my games were with the $8 minimum but after all the trades, I only had to pony up $31+tax for the PSP deal.  Not too bad!  So now I have a shiny new PSP, 4GB Sandisk memory stick duo ($39@Costco) and God of War ($39@Costco).  It’s a pretty neat little system.  The best part about the system is the large LCD screen which makes games and videos look pretty colourful, clear and crisp.  The PSP packs quite a bit of processing power putting it about on par with PS2 system – pretty good for a handheld system!  So yeah, it’s a pretty damn good deal.  The funny thing is that the memory card and game both cost more than the PSP itself. If you rather play games on your computers as Overwatch, you can use competitive OW boost for improve your rank from different services online.

On another note, I still can’t get over how good the Iron Maiden concert was a few days ago!!!  Check out my YouTube videos if you missed the show.

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