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Wordpress is once again up to date.  Nice to keep things current.  Of course, I should make a post to test that everything works as expected.  I’m also treated myself to a late Christmas present and bought a Logitech G110 keyboard.  It’s a great keyboard and I love the features but I just can’t seem to get the proper feel for it!  It’s actually a bit frustrating going from a 12 year old keyboard (yeah, old, huh) to something new and not being able to hit the keys with proper accuracy.  Practice, practice, practice said the Zen-master to his student.

Aside from the keyboard, I’ve been playing with some twitter integration on the blog – since I seem to update twitter more often lately in short rapid bursts.  The only problem is it won’t be much of a blog if the only content is a history of twitter posts.  I do try though!  I need some interesting content to post…

iPhone development is going fairly well.  I did try to submit an application to the Apple App Store but unfortunately it was rejected due to possibly copyright/intellectual property infringement on Fox’s defunct TV series Arrested Development.  The app featured one image and two sound bites from the show and yet somehow this could infringe – what ever happened to fair use?  Well, the app was a bit of a novelty and didn’t serve a real function.  However, it has been a good experience in learning iPhone development and finding some common problems and solutions.  I’m continuing to work on a more functional and useful app that I hope can be submitted and approved shortly.

Hope everyone has a great 2010!

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Testing a post with the iPhone wordpress app

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