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One of the newest features of Outlook 2007SP1 combined with Exchange 2007 is the ability for Outlook to automatically configure itself to an Exchange 2007 server.  The main benefit is for remote users to use Outlook on the Internet as if it was connected on the LAN – this is called Outlook Anywhere or Outlook RPC over HTTP.  This is very easily accomplished by having a specific DNS record available for the domain.

Unfortunately most documentation provided uses the assumption that you are serving DNS from a Microsoft DNS server – good try Microsoft.  There is an easy way to serve the same record from BIND under Linux/UNIX.  Create the DNS record as follows: SRV 0 0 443

Where ‘webmail’ specifies the external address of the Exchange 2007 server.

To test the Autodiscover feature of Outlook 2007SP1, start Outlook and while holding the Control key, right-click the Outlook icon and there will be an option to “Test E-Mail Autoconfiguration”.

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