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Sure is nice having the blog on a faster server these days.  This means I can add some new features until the blog is slow again!  I added a couple new features that hopefully some people will find useful.

Post/Comment Ratings: Readers can now rate the quality of posts and comments that are published.  This lets me know what information people find valuable and can be useful to find informative comments in some of the posts.

Social networking: Each post now has links that readers can use to post blog articles to their favourite social network like twitter, digg, reddit, etc.  There’s also a couple options to make emailing the article or printing it easier and more convenient.

Hopefully some people will find these features useful.  If there are other features or content you, the reader, would like to see, please let me know!

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Since I just surpassed 100 posts on this blog, I thought posting some stats would be interesting.  Unfortunately I only started collecting good stats for the blog in September/08.  Prior to this, I was using a Wordpress stats plug-in that did work well with the Wordpress caching plug-in so the stats were a bit skewed and inaccurate.  In September, I changed stats collection to the excellent stats plug-in.  So let’s see some stats for the last seven months:

Total page views since Sept/08: 73,802 views

Most popular blog entry: Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 1 – 21,575 views

Combined views of all PSP articles: 59,246 views

Most popular non-PSP blog entry: Apache as a reverse proxy to Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access – 1063 views

Busiest Day: December 27, 2008 – 768 views (right after Christmas)

Top referrers: – 91 referrals – 74 referrals – 49 referrals

Top search terms:
psp grader v006 – 2329
psp grader – 1324
psp grader 006 – 277

Links clicked the most: – 3018 clicks – 2345 clicks – 1886 clicks

Average views per day: 420

Most commented blog entry: Howto: Install Custom Firmware on a PSP Slim – Step 3 – 149 comments

The statistics clearly show that most of the traffic on this blog are people searching for PSP information.  It’s kinda neat but I’m certainly not an authority on PSP modding as I’ve only modded two PSPs myself.  Makes me wonder exactly how many people have followed the tutorial successfully on their own.  Also looks like a lot of people got PSPs for Christmas.

Aside from the PSP articles, the other technical blog entries about Exchange, Apache and VMWare have had their own steady flow of traffic.  It’s interesting to see how many people have similar setups to what I work with and the same problems I’ve encountered.  That’s the great thing about the Internet – the ability to easily share information around the globe with the click of a mouse button.

This blog is also 100% free of advertising and despite the moderate amount of traffic, absolutely no revenue is generated.  This blog is a free information service to the public for all the nerds out there like me.

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Might as well keep the upgrades rolling so Wordpress is now up to date at the current version of 2.7.1.  Smooth and easy upgrade with no significant problems.  It’s pretty nice having a quick and responsive web server for a change!

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